Biologic products are made from living organisms. The companies that research, develop, and manufacture biologics are “living,” too. As they expand in size and sophistication, they must attract and retain the talent they need to deliver innovative treatments to patients around the world.

That was the case for one Eagle Hill Consulting client – a global biotech company with a network spanning three continents, with five facilities and 850+ employees providing solutions for more than 100+ customers.

Drivers of change




How could the company build its future workforce, today?

This biotech partnered with Eagle Hill to:

  • Align talent around strategic goals
  • Identify talent gaps between today’s workforce and its “workforce of the future”
  • Develop talent strategies to position the business for success

Eagle Hill helped the biotech’s talent management leaders build a solid foundation for work for planning in order to:

  • Understand current and future workforce needs + how and when to fill them
  • Forecast personnel needs through data-driven insights
  • Assess workforce risks and creating action plans for mitigating them
  • Build proactive plans to help retain high potentials and high performers
  • Recruit for critical positions in an agile and innovative way

Why Eagle Hill?

Agility. Expertise. Collaboration.

In six weeks, we delivered an end-to-end workforce planning solution:

Developed a customized strategic workforce management

Laid the foundation for the workforce planning effort by developing clear plans, guidance, and tools

Built HR capacity to sustain the workforce planning process moving forward

Biologics treat and prevent disease. We diagnose opportunities to improve talent management – and treat every client like a true partner.