Get Intentional About Your Culture

For many organizations, culture isn’t at the top of their list. But it should be. When’s the last time you thought about your culture?
  • Are you intentionally building the culture you want?
  • What’s the root cause of your culture challenges?
  • Are employees and leadership living the core values?
  • Are your organization’s core values, business strategy and culture aligned?
  • How are you fostering your culture as your organization evolves?

Why Care About Culture?

A strong culture is important to more than just your employees. It’s key to the health of your organization and the bottom line.
  • Companies with great cultures outperform those without by

    3 times

    Source: Great Place to Work Report

  • Companies in the top-quartile
    of employee engagement are:

    21% more profitable
    17% more productive
    And see up to 59% less turnover

    Source: Gallup Meta-Analysis

We've Got a Culture Solution

Culture Reboot is a cross-cutting exploration of business strategy, organizational values, and workforce behaviors to realize your organization’s unique culture and drive business success. Pulling from our Strategy & Performance, Talent, and Change services, we help you cultivate a culture that propels your mission and increases the bottom line.


Start by taking a deep look at your organizational culture and assess if it’s hindering or propelling your mission. Openly tell your organization about the culture reboot journey to achieve buy-in along the way.

    Strategy Assessment
    Talent Strategy Assessment
    Change Management Strategy & Planning
    Diversity & Inclusion Assessment


Develop core values and a culture strategy with the engagement of employees across your organization. Strategically plan for your desired culture by equipping leadership and teams to set the example of what that culture should look like.

    Strategy Development
    Leadership & Champion Support
    Stakeholder Engagement Analysis
    Training Strategy & Development


Recognize positive behaviors that align to your core values and assess your culture regularly through pulse surveys and feedback. Address shortcomings, so the culture you intend to foster is sustained over time.

    Change Monitoring & Improvement
    Performance Management
    Performance Measurement

Opinions & Insights

  • The Corporate Integrity Implosion: Managing in the Era of Exposure

    New research by Eagle Hill Consulting reveals that the majority of working Americans believe that integrity is on the decline in corporate America. Fifty-four percent of respondents say that integrity has gotten worse in corporations during the past five years. According to those surveyed, the decline starts at the top.

  • Rethinking Corporate Culture

    Corporate culture has long been examined by academics and thought leaders. But it never seems to garner the broad attention it deserves within a company until something goes horribly wrong. Over the last several decades, we’ve seen multiple scandals revolving around a culture gone awry. Accounting irregularities sent executives to prison while the global financial crisis saw some of the world’s largest banks and insurance organizations collapse or require rescue.

  • Core Values Assessment

    Are core values the soul of your organization? See how your organization is doing with core values by taking our 3-minute self-assessment.

  • Improving customer service in federal government: Start Here

    Government agencies have been striving to match expectations shaped by citizens’ best customer experiences elsewhere for well more than a decade. Yet they aren’t succeeding. Eagle Hill Consulting undertook a survey of 625 federal employees to find out why. By looking from the inside out, we gained a straightforward perspective on the customer service challenges and opportunities from those operating right at the core. What we found may surprise you.

  • Getting Ahead of the Integrity Implosion

    I recently read a quote attributed to President Dwight Eisenhower that is standing the test of time.

    The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.
    –President Dwight Eisenhower


    Stress-Testing Corporate Core Values in America

    A new survey from Eagle Hill Consulting shows nearly half of Americans don’t know their employer’s core values. That said, an overwhelming majority of people who know their employer’s core values say that core values drive their decisions and behavior.

Case Studies