Eagle Hill meets you where you are and then elevates you to where you want to be

Eagle Hill’s strategy specialists will help translate your organization’s aspirational ideas into actualities. We bring your business goals to life across your organization through plans that are holistic, realistic, and adaptable to change; it’s a deeply thoughtful approach that aligns with the long trajectory of a business strategy’s implementation and impact.

Every step of the way, Eagle Hill works closely with you to build living strategies that reflect your corporate values, while flexing where necessary to promote your enterprise goals.

What we do

Design and direct your future

Business strategies take innumerable forms. That’s why Eagle Hill invests the time to understand every aspect of your organization—your operations, market, customers, goals, values, and people—from the outset. In turn, you get a highly customized strategy that achieves your organization’s business aims.

How we deliver

Strategy development

Customer experience strategy

Strategy assessment

Operational planning

What we do

Align and execute your strategy

Whether you look to Eagle Hill to bring your existing strategy to life or to tap into the radically inventive ideas we can bring to the strategy table, we help turn your boldest ambitions into your day-to-day reality. We’ll help articulate your aims and ensure the right people and structures are in place to achieve them.

Our focus areas

Organizational design

Operating model / governance development

Process redesign

Portfolio, program & project leadership

Workload capacity analysis

Organizational change management

What we do

Assess and improve performance

We recognize that long-term success results from continuously monitoring and adjusting performance along the way. We help you create a business strategy whose success can be measured as it progresses and that can adapt to change without missing a beat. 

What we bring

Business performance measurement

Quality management

Operational effectiveness


Our latest research & thinking

Keep your finger on the pulse of the trends impacting your business and your industry with actionable insights and best practices based on our proprietary research.


Timeline: US workforce sentiment about employer response throughout COVID-19 pandemic

As the pandemic has progressed, do workers feel their organization’s resilience, adaptability, and leadership will enable it to weather the COVID-19 global pandemic? Follow our timeline to see how workforce sentiment has changed over time.

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Performance measurement: What’s your blue line?

It happens all the time. Leaders tell me that they want to improve the design of their performance measurement programs to ensure that strategic, financial, organizational, customer, and workforce goals are being met. So I tell them the story of the blue line.

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Project management in highly technical environments: Seeing the forest through the trees

Projects in highly technical environments are often made up of individuals who have specialized skills and competencies, but this group may find their projects derailing. Explore three ways to keep projects on track in highly technical environments.

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Improving customer service in federal government

Government agencies have been striving to match expectations shaped by citizens' best customer experiences elsewhere for more than a decade. Yet they aren't succeeding. Start here to begin improving customer service at your federal agency.

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Americans want public television to provide earthquake early warnings

Public broadcasting isn’t just about popular programming; it’s also about saving lives and infrastructure—which is why Americans think public broadcasting systems should provide early warnings when an earthquake strikes.

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Strategic planning: Escape the year one trap

The first year in a new executive role is a whirlwind. When can you take time out to “be strategic”? Through changing her mindset in three critical areas, Eagle Hill President and CEO Melissa Jezior found a way that works for her.

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Strategy & Performance Case Studies

Unconventional consulting leads to unbelievable results

Here are a few examples of how we provide impact for our clients. From boosting employee retention to planning market entry, our years of creative and strategic experience have helped clients across industries reach their potential.

Nonprofit: Impact Statement

AI-enabled data gathering across 65 countries unlocks compelling improvement possibilities

Learn how an AI-enhanced approach helped a global nonprofit development organization build an internal operating model every bit as advanced as its external one for the most impact across both its headquarters and field offices.

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Technology, Media & Entertainment: Video

Conducting a technology assessment to inform strategic planning for public media

Eagle Hill helped the Corporation for Public Broadcasting nearly double the target response rate for a comprehensive technology survey of its many member stations. The key reason? Watch our animated client story to find out.


Health & Life Sciences: Impact Statement

A 20% increase in case cart accuracy puts clinicians’ focus back on patient experience

By optimizing care delivery and operations for a leading regional healthcare provider, we helped reduce case cart supply errors, empower supply chain staff, and enable clinicians to spend more of their time on their patients—and less on case cart accuracy.

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Nonprofit: Video

Building a strong relationship for sustainable growth

The Alice Ferguson Foundation needed to create a long-term strategic plan to grow alongside their mission. Our team worked closely with AFF to incorporate a goal-focused plan as well as a new organizational mindset targeted at success.


Health & Life Sciences: Narrative

Supporting adoption of a CRM implementation through best fit change management

A large healthcare organization implemented Salesforce, a huge advance for them—as long as employees were motivated to use it properly. We worked closely with management to roll out the release in stages and build up their capabilities.

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Technology, Media & Entertainment: Narrative

Creating a tailored go-to-market strategy

A nonprofit technology startup began charting its path to longer-term sustainability. We helped the company narrow its focus, align its priorities, and envision plans for its future marketing activities.

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