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headshot of Rob Nellis

Rob Nellis

Pennsylvania State University
One word my colleagues use to describe me


Favorite part of working at Eagle Hill

The most collaborative work environment I have experienced! By sharing knowledge, ideas, and lessons learned across the company, we can be and do more than the sum of our individual experiences.

My hobby

Working on my house. I enjoy DIY projects, home maintenance, and landscaping/ecology (learning how I can help improve the health of the local ecosystem and promote native species). I hope to add gardening to this list soon.

My childhood favorite book

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I loved following the paths of the characters, deciphering the “Dwarf runes” in the margins, and imagining all the different places in Middle Earth.

My all-time favorite vacation destination

I’ve been privileged with a one-week family beach vacation every year since I can remember. It’s special that we manage to continually prioritize that time with each other.