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State and local government 

Helping state and local government leaders overcome unprecedented challenges

State and local government leaders face new challenges every day. The demand for essential services continues to rise, the public sector workforce is stretched to its limits, and budgets are perpetually under pressure. Now more than ever, state government and local agency leaders must reimagine their strategies to achieve their mission and sustain public trust.

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State and local government consulting services

What we do

To help state governments and local agencies deliver essential public services, our team deploys industry-leading practices, leverages frontline experience, and tailors our approach to meet your challenges. We have a proven record of helping state and local agencies develop strategies to drive organizational transformations and strengthen the employee experience, which are fundamental enablers for agencies to achieve their missions.

Eagle Hill brings specialized strategy, performance, talent, and change management expertise to help state and local governments respond to a rapidly changing landscape. From idea to implementation, our experts listen and collaborate with state governments to make their agencies work better and improve program impact.

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By putting people at the center of a new organizational design for a Pacific Northwest transit authority, we engaged employees and built consensus on objectives that guided the entire design effort.”

– Shonda Harris, Lead


Employees effectively transitioned to new structure


Design findings and recommendations


Transit agencies analyzed


Is legacy technology holding you back from mission success? By approaching technology modernization through the larger context of people, processes, and culture, we help agencies optimize technology investments—from lowering costs to boosting experiences.

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Go beyond meeting goals


Of clients say Eagle Hill effectively communicates with them on their project


Clients who would work with Eagle Hill again


Of clients say Eagle Hill works to deliver value above expectations


Transit agencies analyzed for a large public transit authority


Recommendation areas to improve DE&I at a research university

Meet the mission with workforce planning

State governments are feeling the pressures of shifting workforce demographics, more demanding citizen experiences, and increased competition for talent. Our workforce planning approach is helping the public sector plan for a rapidly changing future.

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Positive, progressive energy, and great communication skills!
State and local government client, 2022
Eagle Hill’s communication was always clear, specific, and coordinated. Their work to engage employees was really valuable.
State and local government client, 2022

State and local government case studies

Unconventional consulting leads to unbelievable results

Here are a few examples of how we provide impact for our clients. From designing organizational structures to driving user adoption, our years of creative and strategic experience have helped public sector clients reach their potential.

Federal government: Impact Statement

Federal program evaluation poised to deliver huge ROI

We performed a program assessment and ROI analsis for a large federal regulatory agency, inclusive of identifying program evaluation KPIs, gathering and analyzing data, and identifying recommendations to significantly improve ROI.

Federal government: Impact Statement

Optimizing inspection process unlocks 30% capacity gains for public health client

We helped one federal agency optimize their inspection process, unlocking 30% capacity gains.

Federal government: Impact Statement

Data-driven program evaluation leads to breakthrough results

A large regulatory organization called on Eagle Hill to provide data-driven program evaluation services to aid in decision making and execution of their future state operations. See how our team maintained progress and momentum, while also safeguarding rigorous program evaluation standards.

Healthcare and life sciences: Impact Statement

Creating a future of work strategy to support hybrid work for a public health plan

We helped a public healthplan with an approach to safely reopen its office and adapt to a rapidly changing business environment and uncertain future of work.

State and local government: Narrative

Designing a new organizational structure to accommodate rapid growth

We partnered with a large public transit authority to design a new organizational structure that ensured scalability while aligning to it’s multi-billion dollar growth strategy.

State and local government: Interview

How a local government’s adoption of new technology yields agile way of working

Eagle Hill's approach to change management at a transformational scale helped a local government adopt new technology that yielded efficiency benefits.

Government insights

Our latest research & thinking

Keep your finger on the pulse of the trends impacting government agencies and state employees with actionable insights and best practices based on our proprietary research.


Neurodiversity in government

Learn what our research uncovered about neurodiversity awareness and accommodations in government, and why performance management and career advancement practices need to be improved to ensure neurodivergent employees can reach their full potential.


Understanding government employee burnout

Eagle Hill’s survey of government employees provides agencies with deeper understanding of government employee burnout causes and remedies.


Striking the right balance: Flexible work arrangements in government

By Lindsay Henson

It's clear government workers value both in-person and remote work. Learn how agency leaders can leverage flexible work arrangements to retain top talent and improve performance.


Government employees share benefits and burdens of returning to office amid OPM telework mandates

Eagle Hill surveyed government employees to learn how workplace flexibility impacts productivity and retention. Our research reveals key insights for agency leaders to consider as they update their work environment plans per OPM telework mandates.


From Baby Boomers to Gen Z: Adapting government employee connection strategies for today’s workforce

Our research finds a large generational difference in how government employee connection impacts job satisfaction, retention, and performance.


Navigating OMB’s new organizational health guidance

Our quick-read guide helps federal agencies navigate OMB's latest memo to update Work Environment plans, improve organizational health and performance, and create a culture of continuous improvement.


Want to boost agency performance? Prioritize government employee recognition programs in your incentive awards efforts.

Government employee recognition programs and incentive awards efforts can help boost agency performance and improve employee experience. Learn easy and affordable ways to help make recognizing a job well done part of your agency's culture.


Government employees ask for more recognition

Recognition is a fundamental part of the employee experience, and is a driver of performance and engagement. Learn how to build a culture of recognition that can transform the employee experience in easy and affordable ways.


Building up from burnout: How government agencies can creatively adapt amid the Great Resignation

By Andrew Edelson

Burnout is fueling the Great Resignation—and with 56% of government workers feeling burnout, agencies must act now to understand what’s causing it in the public sector, and how they can address it, before it leads to more vacancies.


Government telework and flexible work arrangements are resulting in improved performance 

See how government telework and flexible work arrangements are improving performance for government teams.

Our team

Our government consulting experts

Our people invest in understanding state and local government challenges, and create tailored solutions for government agencies—from strategy through smooth implementation. We listen closely, adapt our skills and tools to the situation, and move with assurance to get it done. Meet a few of our experts: 

Shonda Harris

“Our state and local clients are uniquely driven by their missions. That’s why it’s so important for us to frame our support in a way that resonates and focuses on what our clients want to accomplish in service of their communities. It’s a true partnership where we invest the time upfront to understand their employees’ needs and their customers’ motivations and drivers. We then work to minimize disruptions to their daily operations, incorporating new ways of working as seamlessly as possible.”

Madeleine Watson

“Our state and local government clients need to anticipate problems, but it’s tough for them to do so when they’re entrenched in daily operations. As outside consultants, we provide valuable insights, have the ability to see the big picture, and offer solutions to jump start change before problems become problematic.”

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