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Business transformation

From vision to victory

Amid a landscape of ever-evolving technology, changing customer needs, and a competitive labor market, the imperative for continually transforming and reinventing your business has never been stronger. Our business transformation consultants work with clients and across industries and functions to enable effective business transformation, from the first steps through the last mile. By setting tailored, inclusive strategies and guiding your employees through essential changes in structure, process, technology, or culture, we help organizations navigate the complex challenges that transformation brings so they can be future-ready.

What we do

An empowered approach to business transformation consulting

Because business transformation drives fundamental shifts that touch every aspect of your organization, you need an advisor who can coordinate and balance the organizational structures and workforce behaviors that enable sustained change. Successful transformation requires a strong and inspiring leadership vision, careful coordination, and collaboration across the business. Eagle Hill understands how the elements of transformation fit together and how people can make or break your transformation. 

Whether you’re looking to transform your workforce, operations, or customer experience, our business transformation consulting services align your organizational structures, processes, and talent across all functions to transform your business into what you dream it can be.

For over 20 years, we have been partnering with clients across industries to drive large-scale change, including:

How we drive successful transformation

Our business transformation consultants bring robust talent, change, and culture expertise to enable your people to achieve your transformation. Here’s how.

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Empower your people

We incorporate the full diversity of viewpoints from your stakeholder ecosystem, build buy-in and alignment, and equip your people to be transformation accelerators.

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Lean into culture

Culture drives performance. That’s why we leverage our deep culture expertise to align your organization’s values, norms, and ways of working to drive your vision.

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Go the last mile

We not only help you define your vision, but we partner with you on the implementation “nuts and bolts” so that your transformation works in practice, not just in theory.

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Sustain your change

We develop capabilities, skills, and mindsets at the individual, team, and organizational level to sustain your transformation long after we’re gone.

Our business transformation framework

Successful transformation starts with the right strategy and a systematic approach that harmoniously aligns every facet of your organization to reach your goals. 

Explore the Eagle Hill Transformation Framework

1. Strategy & Action Plans

An inspired transformation vision, highly customized strategies that reflect your values, and plans designed for action

2. Governance

Sound structures that enable alignment and collaboration to deliver on your vision

3. Process

Bold process redesign and automation at speed and scale 

4. Talent & Leadership

People at all levels motivated and empowered to accelerate your transformation journey

5. Culture

Values, behaviors and mindsets that keep employees engaged and committed to driving successful change 

6. Change Management

Smooth implementation that sidesteps frustration and ushers your organization to powerful results

 Business transformation case studies

Reimagining and reinvigorating the future of business

Eagle Hill’s integrated, inclusive approach to business transformation consulting has helped clients across industries and functions capture exceptional business results. 

Financial services: Impact Statement

Maximizing ROI with agile transformation

We employed agile transformational change at scale to help an affordable housing sector company realize a better return on investment with technology and deliver value to its customers more rapidly.

Financial services: Impact Statement

Digital transformation uses agile change management to improve CX and EX

We implemented an enterprise-wide digital transformation for a financial services organization to the Salesforce Lightning platform by using agile change management to create better customer and employee experiences.

Financial services: Impact Statement

Accelerating organizational change—to the tune of a 20-point Net Promoter Score improvement

The procurement office of a large financial services organization remade its internal and external images and improved service delivery as part of an organizational transformation that focused on improving its culture.

Healthcare and life sciences: Narrative

Enhancing care delivery and operations through program management

In the face of increasing priorities and culture change, we helped one large healthcare organization roll out system-wide transformation of care delivery and perioperative supply chain operations.

Federal government: Narrative

Achieving workplace transformation with change management best practices

Moving to a consolidated downtown office was a huge undertaking for this federal agency. We applied change management best practices to successfully steer the change and improve employee readiness for their “workforce of the future.”

Federal government: Narrative

Building a next-generation workforce

A federal agency came to us with a vision for becoming a Best Place to Work with a flexible, innovative workforce. We helped define 5 goals, 20 initiatives, and a detailed operational plan, all reflecting its culture and people.

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