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New research from Eagle Hill Consulting uncovers how employees feel about their work experiences, and which factors most impact employee productivity, employee success and customer satisfaction.

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Investing in employee experience pays 

Organizations that view their employees as a set of customers—and invest accordingly in their experience—yield tangible results.

4x More

Companies that invest in employee experience are 4x more profitable than those that do not.

Source: The Employee Experience Advantage, Jacob Morgan (Wiley, 2017)

2x Greater Customer Satisfaction

Organizations that invest most heavily in EX are twice as often in the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Source: The Employee Experience Advantage, Jacob Morgan (Wiley, 2017)

28% Higher Employee Productivity

Workers who score high on the Employee Experience Index have 28% higher productivity than their peers.

Source: Better Up

Employee Experience Case Studies

Unconventional consulting leads to unbelievable results

Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped organizations improve productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction by prioritizing the employee experience.

Federal government: Impact Statement

Improving the employee lifecycle and transitioning to the future of work

A large federal health agency called on Eagle Hill to improve their employee lifecycle process and increase employee engagement throughout. See how our team helped them battle today’s hiring challenges while planning for the future of work.

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Financial services: Impact Statement

Digital transformation uses agile change management to improve CX and EX

We implemented an enterprise-wide digital transformation for a financial services organization to the Salesforce Lightning platform by using agile change management to create better customer and employee experiences.

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Financial services: Narrative

Improving morale and reducing high turnover

One large financial services company had a great career-mapping tool, but employee expectations weren’t aligned. We helped them close the gap by taking a transparent approach that stepped outside the box.

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Federal government: Narrative

Optimizing CBP’s hybrid telework environment

In support of the Federal Government's telework initiative, Eagle Hill worked with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to help employees improve efficiency while teleworking.

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Federal government: Narrative

Empowering employees to strengthen service, culture, and core values

When the number one grant-making organization in the government faced sustainability concerns, we brought employees at all levels together for collaborative solutions to increase engagement, strengthen culture, and improve retention.

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State & local government: Infographic

Bringing a university together to close diversity, equity, and inclusion gaps

To improve the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) climate at a prominent research university, we conducted a survey to assess the current state and develop a roadmap for targeting the focus areas most important to students, faculty, and staff.

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Federal government: Narrative

Creatively improving work-life health + wellness programs

One agency needed to raise employee awareness of available support services. By working with them to craft an effective 5-year strategic plan for ongoing improvement, we helped get them on the path to a healthier workforce.

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Financial services: Impact Statement

Maximizing ROI with agile transformation

We employed agile transformational change at scale to help an affordable housing sector company realize a better return on investment with technology and deliver value to its customers more rapidly.

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Health & life sciences: Impact Statement

A 20% increase in case cart accuracy puts clinicians’ focus back on patient experience

By optimizing care delivery and operations for a leading regional healthcare provider, we helped reduce case cart supply errors, empower supply chain staff, and enable clinicians to spend more of their time on their patients—and less on case cart accuracy.

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