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Strong cultures and engaged employees drive successful workforces

We partner with you to build talent management solutions across the employee lifecycle, ensuring you have the right people with the right skills to advance your objectives—and the cultural fit to thrive in your organization. By putting relationships first, we co-develop data-driven workforce solutions that are tailored to your objectives, sensitive to your people, and resilient to change.

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What we do

Talent management

From recruiting and onboarding strategy to workforce planning, Eagle Hill helps foster strategic thinking with a unique approach to reimagining your workforce. 

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Elevate your
talent strategy

Eagle Hill helps you align your talent and business strategies so that you can prepare your people for the future of work, drive employee performance, and make business success a constant.

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Reimagine Your
Employee Experience

We help you create inclusive employee experiences that leverage your unique organizational culture and core values to energize, engage, and empower your people—and in turn drive exceptional business results.

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Develop and Accelerate
Your workforce

With an eye to long-term sustainability, our workforce development offerings help you identify and continually nurture smart, adaptable people who are empowered to meet your organization’s goals.

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Employee Retention Index

Anticipate shifts in workforce retention

The Eagle Hill Consulting Employee Retention Index is the first of its kind market indicator providing early signals of turning points in U.S. workforce retention. By tracking proven drivers of retention, the Index equips organizations with forward looking insights to proactively fight attrition.

Talent management insights

Our latest workforce research & thinking

Keep your finger on the pulse of talent management and HR trends impacting your industry with actionable insights and best practices based on our proprietary research.


AI in recruitment: 3 key challenges solved

Utilizing AI solutions in recruitment can help organizations find diverse talent, improve candidate engagement and experience, and implement skills-based evaluations.


How to embrace neurodiversity in the workplace

Neurodivergent employees can add tremendous value to the workplace, with skills and talents. Learn 7 strategies to embrace neurodiversity and empower neurodivergent employees to reach their full potential.


Neurodiversity in the workplace

Our 2024 neurodiversity in the workplace report finds that neurodiversity awareness as well as the hiring and managing of neurodivergent employees needs major improvement.


For Women’s History Month, let’s honor the trailblazers with action

By Melissa Jezior

For Women's History Month, we're celebrating the trailblazing women who came before us by taking actions to honor their legacies. Here's some actions we're taking at Eagle Hill, and ideas that might work to further progress at your organization, too.


Companies are scaling back on DEI despite high value among workers

Research finds that over half of the workforce says DEI is a key factor when considering a future employer. For younger workers, that jumps to 77%. Now is the time to continue DEI progress, not plateau or cutback. Learn how.


The state of organizational culture 2024: Hybrid work’s unexpected impact

Our 2024 organizational culture report finds hybrid work is having a positive impact on organizational culture. Read the report to learn why and get 4 recommendations on how to improve your organization's culture as you navigate hybrid work.


Leadership, trust, and workplace culture in government

Our new research reveals workplace culture in government holds extraordinary influence over an agency’s ability to meet its mission. Learn who government employees say is responsible for driving workplace culture and what they can do to improve it.


Positioning government leaders as culture champions

Government leaders need training, tools, and data to prioritize and build a strong workplace culture. Learn what agencies can do to position government leaders as culture champions who employees will be more likely to trust and follow.


Millennials hold the key to changing government workplace culture for the better

By Gwynneth Chandler

Millennial managers, our future government leaders, are poised to change government workplace culture for the better. Learn why they understand how workplace culture impacts performance, customer service, and an agency's ability to meet its mission.


To return or not return to work? That is the wrong question.

By Andrew Edelson

Where teams are managed matters less than how teams are managed. We share how utilizing effective performance management can drive productivity, collaboration, customer service, and culture, regardless of where teams are working.

Talent management Case Studies

Unconventional consulting leads to unbelievable workforce results

From shaping talent strategy to boosting employee performance, our years of creative and strategic experience in talent management have helped clients across industries reach their potential.

Federal government: Impact Statement

Culture change unifies a federal agency

We helped map and implement a federal agency's culture change to a value-driven culture led by fairness, accountability, integrity, and respect.

Federal government: Impact Statement

Improving the employee lifecycle and transitioning to the future of work

A large federal health agency called on Eagle Hill to improve their employee lifecycle process and increase employee engagement throughout. See how our team helped them battle today’s hiring challenges while planning for the future of work.

Healthcare and life sciences: Impact Statement

Creating a future of work strategy to support hybrid work for a public health plan

We helped a public healthplan with an approach to safely reopen its office and adapt to a rapidly changing business environment and uncertain future of work.

Federal government: Impact Statement

Enabling future decision-making through capacity planning and workload analytics

We helped a government agency create a transparent resource capacity planning function and advance workforce analytics to inform future decision-making.

Technology, media and entertainment: Impact Statement

Organizational design strategy for rapid growth

Anticipating continued rapid growth, an organization engaged Eagle Hill to help define an organizational design strategy and workforce planning process that would best support its goal of achieving 50% revenue growth in three years.

Healthcare and life sciences: Narrative

From performance management to performance acceleration

We used a data-driven approach to design a new performance management program for a health service provider that emphasizes employee feedback, elevates responsibility for performance and replaces static annual performance reviews.

People have a lot of freedom to do the right thing for the client and to come up with the right solutions and the creative solutions for our client.

— Eagle Hill Consulting employee

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