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A return to a new way of working

COVID-19 has forced organizations and employees into a new, if only temporary, normal. The work environment to which you will return will not be the one you left, but instead your journey will need to take you to a ‘next normal’. Preparing for the future of work requires new approaches to aligning your workforce, work environment, and operations—all of which have progressed through the COVID pandemic and come out, changed, on the other side. How you get there is key. We can help.

Planning for the future of work

What the next normal will look like is not exactly clear. But long-term success depends on an organization’s ability to build resiliency and flexibility into its operations, employees and culture.

As we return to a new way of working, Eagle Hill helps clients resume operations in the near-term, while transforming your capabilities and workforce to sustain and advance your mission in the long-term. We meet you where you are and work hand-in-hand to develop a customized future of work strategy that achieves your business aims.  Then, we pull on our deep expertise in change management to engage your employees in bringing the plan to life—and to make it stick.

How we help:

Workplace strategy development

Organizational change management

Change readiness assessment

Risk & crisis management

Strategic communications

Business performance measurement

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Beyond physical distancing & PPE

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Future of Work Insights

Our latest research & thinking

Actionable insights and best practices to equip your business and workforce for success in the new normal.


6 tips for a successful transition back to work

As workers remain divided on returning to the workplace, we share six tips employers can take to ease the path back to work.

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7 questions to help life sciences companies bounce forward to the future of work

By Sridhar Karimanal

Key considerations for life sciences companies as they prepare for the return to work.

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What employees want: the role of vaccines and employer mandates in the return to work

Our research finds employees have have mixed views on return to work policies, vaccination requirements and workplace safety.

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Vaccine management: 5 factors that can help organizations bring employees back to the workplace safely

By Stephanie Mount

As vaccines become more widely available, employers must consider vaccine management plans and develop programs to bring employees back to the workplace safely.

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The employee turnover tsunami is coming

An employee turnover tsunami is expected once the pandemic ends, where new workforce planning strategies are needed to support revised business models.

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Employees share views on COVID-19 vaccines and the return to work

Our research finds that employees have mixed views on workplace issues including workplace re-openings, COVID-19 vaccination proof, and vaccine requirements.

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3 actions to ensure health organizations head back to work successfully

By Sridhar Karimanal

Find out what 3 critical actions health organizations can take to help ensure the safety of healthcare industry employees as they return to the workplace.

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COVID-19 barometer

Despite the pandemic, employees are finding ways to adapt to new work realities. But as they begin to return to the workplace, they increasingly want a voice in decisions and prefer that returning to the workplace be a choice.

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Webinar | COVID-19—Returning to the workplace amid a pandemic

How can organizations prepare to bring their people back to the office during the COVID-19 pandemic? President and CEO Melissa Jezior talks with Eagle Hill's Chief People Officer, Stephanie Mount, in this webinar.

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Insights in action

Bouncing forward from the COVID-19 crisis

Learn how to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis stronger than before. The decisions leaders make, the strategies they pursue, and the priorities they set now will have a lasting impact for years to come, for better or worse.

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Future of Work Case Studies

We solve business problems

Here are a few examples of how we’re helping clients prepare for the future of work.

Public Service: Narrative

Optimizing CBP’s hybrid telework environment

In support of the Federal Government's telework initiative, Eagle Hill worked with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to help employees improve efficiency while teleworking.

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Nonprofit: Impact Statement

Creating a return to work strategy for a national museum

Eagle Hill worked alongside the leadership team of a national museum to develop and manage implementation of a reopening strategy after its COVID-19 shutdown that was both comprehensive and responsive to rapid change.

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COVID-19 has accelerated a stunning transformation for organizations.

Don’t default back to the old normal.