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Battling employee burnout

Organizational strategies for beating work burnout

Employee burnout is not a new topic, but it has certainly risen to new heights with the life-altering changes organizations and employees have endured in the wake of the pandemic. Workloads are ballooning due to resignations and turnover, understaffing is widespread, and stress continues to mount.


Workshop: Integrating employee well-being into daily work life

This interactive program provides organizations with insight into the causes and impacts of employee burnout, and equips teams to improve connection, productivity, and effectiveness. Learn more

Addressing employee burnout matters more than ever

The risks of work burnout are painfully acute. By not addressing occupational burnout, organizations jeopardize their employee engagement, retention, and overall productivity.

Employee burnout isn’t letting up

Burnout remains troublingly high, with nearly half of the U.S. workforce reporting they are burnt out

Source: Eagle Hill Consulting

The Great Resignation isn’t over

One-third of employees signal they are likely to leave their organization in the next 12 months.

Source: Eagle Hill Consulting

$500 billion price tag

Workplace stress is estimated to cost the U.S. economy more than $500 billion dollars each year.

Source: HBR

How do we address employee burnout?

We help clients shape and implement strategies for fighting employee burnout, boosting employee productivity, and driving organizational performance. Our solutions include:

Organizational resiliency, culture, and core values

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Crisis response and recovery

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Workload sustainability and workforce planning

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Employee experience, engagement, and retention

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Organizational change management and communications

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Employee Burnout Insights

Our latest research & thinking

Keep your finger on the pulse of the trends impacting your business and your industry with actionable insights and best practices based on our proprietary research.


The state of worker burnout: 2023

Eagle Hill’s survey of U.S. employees surfaces insights into the drivers, organizational impacts, and remedies for alleviating worker burnout.


How to talk about burnout: Three tips for constructive conversations with your team

By Melissa Jezior

With employee burnout levels remaining steady, it's important employees and employers know how to have constructive conversations about burnout with their team. We share three tips on how to get a dialogue started around burnout to drive change.


The most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful. Here’s how your workplace can meet the challenge.

By Carrie Miceli

Workers are on the move during the Great Resignation—but 54% say they have better job opportunities at their current organization. Find out how your internal mobility programs can improve retention and give your organization a competitive edge.


Quiet quitting isn’t new. It’s just larger and louder. 5 ways to embrace your “steady stayers” 

By Melissa Jezior

Quiet quitters aren't actually quitting, the catchy term should be renamed as "steady stayers" who get the job done and value work-life balance. Learn five ways to embrace these essential performers, improving retention and job satisfaction.


Building up from burnout: How government agencies can creatively adapt amid the Great Resignation

By Andrew Edelson

Burnout is fueling the Great Resignation—and with 56% of government workers feeling burnout, agencies must act now to understand what’s causing it in the public sector, and how they can address it, before it leads to more vacancies.


It’s about time: Agencies’ underutilized data may hold the key to reducing burnout

By Andrew Edelson

Learn how to reduce burnout at work, and make smarter workforce planning decisions, through utilizing data that's often overlooked.


Running on empty: Why burnout at work is surging among government employees—and what to do about it

Burnout at work is surging for government employees. We share three reasons why and four ways to help employers turn down the heat.


How life sciences companies can reduce employee burnout and turnover

By Jonathan Gove

Life science companies can reduce worker burnout and turnover through fully examining their employee experience.

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