Change drives progress

Enterprises that invest in strong change management set themselves up to thrive. That’s why Eagle Hill helps clients seize transformation as an opportunity to innovate and differentiate, instead of reacting to change as it happens. No matter how big your change or the shape your desired business outcomes take, our team partners with you to build change management solutions that guide your people and your organization past reluctance—and to powerful results.

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What we do

Change management consulting

From assessing change readiness to workforce training and risk management, we help you successfully manage continuous change at scale and speed. Our collaborative approach helps change take hold, sidestepping frustration and ushering your organization to powerful results.

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Design and tailor change management strategies

We help you prepare for change with strategic change management solutions that are tailored to engage your employees in reaching your business goals.

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organizational change

Bring your change strategy off the page and into action. By emphasizing collaboration, our approach keeps employees engaged in change and committed to driving it forward.

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Measure and accelerate
change adoption

Our data-driven approach to managing change quantifies how well change has taken hold. This provides powerful guidance to accelerate change adoption and meet your desired goals.

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A fresh approach to change

We integrate change management into everything we do, tailoring our innovative practices to your needs and strengthening your company culture in the process. 

From our unconventional philosophy to our innovative practices, we help clients implement flourishing change by bringing needed shifts to traditional change management.

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When work happens remotely,
what needs to happen with change?

Our virtual change management approach is designed for the realities of remote working, helping employees and teams engage in change so strategic initiatives succeed.

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Team Based Change

Are your teams driving change?

We add a new dimension to traditional change management’s focus on the individual. Our team based approach to change breaks the mold, yielding new and more effective ways to sustain change.

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Change management insights

Our latest research & thinking

Keep your finger on the pulse of change management and business transformation trends impacting your industry, and get actionable insights and best practices based on our proprietary research.

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The future of work

Preparing your workplace for the future of work requires new approaches to aligning your workforce, work environment, and operations.

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The missing ingredient in successful technology implementations: People

Executives are turning to technology to enhance customer propositions and competitiveness. But when companies fail to engage employees in adopting and optimizing the use of the new technology, they’re coming up short on ROI.

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Across generations. Change is change. People are people.

Workforces are more multigenerational than ever before—so you might be surprised to learn that most employees share the same views on change management, regardless of their age group. What change management qualities cross generational divides?

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Reinventing change management

A new Eagle Hill Consulting survey shows that according to employees, optimizing change is a weak link in workplace teams. Learn how well workplace teams are functioning today and take a look at our approach to team-based change.

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When change is in the air, what needs to happen on the ground?

Our infographic takes you through four phases of change management: people, process, strategy, and technology. At each phase, see the route and destination for your people on their change management journey.

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When work happens remotely, what needs to happen with change?

With more people working remotely, organizations need new ways to manage organizational change—because bringing employees along through change when they work apart is not the same as when they’re together in the office.

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Government transitions are a lot like jazz: Best when you improvise together

By Melissa Jezior

To lead their workforce through a successful government transition plan, new federal leaders should emphasize everyone improvising together.

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Change Management Case Studies

Unconventional consulting leads to unbelievable results

From digital transformation to organizational culture change, our years of creative and strategic experience in managing change have helped clients across industries reach their potential.

Financial services: Impact Statement

Maximizing ROI with agile transformation

We employed agile transformational change at scale to help an affordable housing sector company realize a better return on investment with technology and deliver value to its customers more rapidly.

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Federal government: Impact Statement

User adoption strategy empowers a federal health agency

We drove a highly successful user adoption strategy for a large federal health agency requiring a time reporting system for its employees to proactively comply with regulatory requirements and provide robust workforce capacity reporting.

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State & local government: Interview

How a local government’s adoption of new technology yields agile way of working

Eagle Hill's approach to change management at a transformational scale helped a local government adopt new technology that yielded efficiency benefits.

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Financial services: Impact Statement

Digital transformation uses agile change management to improve CX and EX

We implemented an enterprise-wide digital transformation for a financial services organization to the Salesforce Lightning platform by using agile change management to create better customer and employee experiences.

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Federal government: Narrative

Optimizing CBP’s hybrid telework environment

In support of the Federal Government's telework initiative, Eagle Hill worked with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to help employees improve efficiency while teleworking.

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Financial services: Impact Statement

Accelerating organizational change—to the tune of a 20-point Net Promoter Score improvement

The procurement office of a large financial services organization remade its internal and external images and improved service delivery as part of an organizational transformation that focused on improving its culture.

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