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Lessons from our work

Helping our clients stay ahead of the curve is a big part of what we do. That’s why we’ve developed a library of research-based resources to keep you informed about the latest industry challenges and emerging trends.

Our latest research & thinking

Discover the keen insights and unique solutions from our research that are helping industry leaders tackle today’s trends and stay ahead of tomorrow’s challenges.


Employees weigh in on workplace flexibility amid rollback of remote work policies. What’s at stake?  

Eagle Hill Consulting surveyed the U.S. workforce on the topic of workplace flexibility to provide insights as organizations shape their workplace strategies and remote work policies. See what we found.


Government employees share benefits and burdens of returning to office amid OPM telework mandates

Eagle Hill surveyed government employees to learn how workplace flexibility impacts productivity and retention. Our research reveals key insights for agency leaders to consider as they update their work environment plans per OPM telework mandates.


Navigating OMB’s new organizational health guidance

Our quick-read guide helps federal agencies navigate OMB's latest memo to update Work Environment plans, improve organizational health and performance, and create a culture of continuous improvement.


Recession readiness: The case for looking beyond cost cutting

Being recession ready is a critical priority for leaders. Learn how a balanced approach that incorporates cost cutting and strategic investments keeps employees confident and turns uncertainty into new value and organizational opportunity.


Fostering employee connection beyond relationships delivers big business results

Our research reveals that meaningful employee connection—which goes beyond sharing organizational values, holding happy hours, and other team building events—helps improve job satisfaction and boosts organizational performance.


The state of worker burnout: 2023

Eagle Hill’s survey of U.S. employees surfaces insights into the drivers, organizational impacts, and remedies for alleviating worker burnout.


How to improve employee recognition

Learn how to improve employee recognition to transform the employee experience – and learn how to quickly implement programs that are both cost effective and get results.


Want to transform employee performance? Recognize a job well done.

Recognition is a fundamental part of the employee experience, and is a driver of performance and engagement. Learn how to build a culture of recognition that can transform the employee experience in easy and affordable ways.


Government telework and flexible work arrangements are resulting in improved performance 

See how government telework and flexible work arrangements are improving performance for government teams.