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Lessons from our work

Helping our clients stay ahead of the curve is a big part of what we do. That’s why we’ve developed a library of research-based resources to keep you informed about the latest industry challenges and emerging trends.

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Employee Retention Index

Anticipate shifts in workforce retention

The Eagle Hill Consulting Employee Retention Index is the first of its kind market indicator providing early signals of turning points in U.S. workforce retention. By tracking proven drivers of retention, the Index equips organizations with forward looking insights to proactively fight attrition.

Our latest research & thinking

Discover the keen insights and unique solutions from our research that are helping industry leaders tackle today’s trends and stay ahead of tomorrow’s challenges.


The state of worker burnout: 2024

Eagle Hill’s survey of U.S. employees surfaces insights into the drivers, organizational impacts, and remedies for alleviating worker burnout.


Business resilience: It’s every leader’s responsibility

Business resilience is vital amid tech, economic, and geopolitical disruptions. Learn how leaders can champion it consistently for superior performance and growth.


New research reveals falling employee confidence threatens business resiliency

The latest Employee Retention Index shows that employee confidence, a key indicator of business resiliency, has fallen for two quarters in a row. Learn how leaders can boost confidence—and in turn, build business resilience.


Neurodiversity in the workplace

Our 2024 neurodiversity in the workplace report finds that neurodiversity awareness as well as the hiring and managing of neurodivergent employees needs major improvement.


Companies are scaling back on DEI despite high value among workers

Research finds that over half of the workforce says DEI is a key factor when considering a future employer. For younger workers, that jumps to 77%. Now is the time to continue DEI progress, not plateau or cutback. Learn how.


The state of organizational culture 2024: Hybrid work’s unexpected impact

Our 2024 organizational culture report finds hybrid work is having a positive impact on organizational culture. Read the report to learn why and get 4 recommendations on how to improve your organization's culture as you navigate hybrid work.


The state of hybrid work in the financial services industry

Research on hybrid work in the financial services industry finds that employees want more flexibility and will consider a new job if it is reduced. Learn more about how reducing workplace flexibility impacts financial services employees.


Leadership, trust, and workplace culture in government

Our new research reveals workplace culture in government holds extraordinary influence over an agency’s ability to meet its mission. Learn who government employees say is responsible for driving workplace culture and what they can do to improve it.


Employees weigh in on workplace flexibility amid rollback of remote work policies. What’s at stake?  

Eagle Hill Consulting surveyed the U.S. workforce on the topic of workplace flexibility to provide insights as organizations shape their workplace strategies and remote work policies. See what we found.