People-powered technology transformation

We are guided by a fundamental belief: that people make or break technology efforts. Too often, organizations are so focused on the technology at hand that they forget about the processes and workflows that need to change, and the people who are needed to make technology successful for the organization. Whether you are selecting a new platform or optimizing an existing system, Eagle Hill’s technology enablement services help you maximize the value of technology by aligning people, processes, and culture. 

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What we do

People-focused technology consulting

Driving a successful technology effort starts and finishes with the needs of users and the business. Eagle Hill’s people, process, and performance-focused capabilities ensure technology efforts not only meet users’ needs, but enable organizations to achieve its goals and propel the mission forward.  

Our team looks beyond the technology capabilities your organization needs, to the people, processes, and cultural shifts required to bring technology to life and take root in your organization. We help you:

Discover and align on technology requirements

We take the time to identify and translate the needs of stakeholders and users into technology requirements. Then, we support you in creating alignment across the organization.

Our team specializes in:

  • Technology assessment and selection 
  • User requirements and design 
  • Stakeholder management 
  • Process and workflow assessment 

We support successful technology implementations by surfacing and translating the needs of end users and deploying integrated change management solutions across your organization. 

Our team specializes in:

  • Employee experience
  • Customer experience 
  • Change management 
  • Project management 
  • Agile methodology

We help you meet your goals by speeding technology adoption, assessing existing workflows, and creating new processes, seamlessly bringing together people, process, and technology.

Our team specializes in:

  • Process and workflow assessment and design 
  • Technology adoption
  • Change management  
  • Training design and delivery

Our big-picture approach to technology enablement

We make technology work for your strategy
The power of technology is ultimately in the results it delivers for people and organizations. So, we work with you from the beginning to set clear objectives and key results that align to organizational strategies and desired outcomes.

We double down on delivering value
Our teams are laser-focused on helping you maximize the value of your technology investments. This is why we work closely with teams to optimize processes and workflows, so they aren’t putting new tech on top of broken processes.

We put people at the center from the start
By putting users front and center, we ensure that the technology design considers their needs and experiences. We smooth technology adoption with innovative change management practices that instill comfort and confidence.

We move swiftly from needs to action
Throughout every phase, we ask the right questions and listen to truly understand your organization. We also act as a bridge builder—fostering cross-functional collaboration and closing communication gaps between the business and IT.

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Is legacy technology holding your agency
back from mission success? 

By approaching technology modernization through the larger context of people, processes, and culture, we help agencies optimize technology investments—from lowering costs to boosting experiences.

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Unconventional consulting leads to unbelievable results

Here are a few examples of how we provide impact for our clients. Our years of creative and strategic experience have helped clients across industries reach their potential.

Financial services: Impact Statement

Maximizing ROI with agile transformation

We employed agile transformational change at scale to help an affordable housing sector company realize a better return on investment with technology and deliver value to its customers more rapidly.

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Health & life sciences: Narrative

Supporting adoption of a CRM implementation through best fit change management

A large healthcare organization implemented Salesforce, a huge advance for them—as long as employees were motivated to use it properly. We worked closely with management to roll out the release in stages and build up their capabilities.

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Financial services: Impact Statement

Financial institution realizes customer digital experience rewards from improved UX research

Eagle Hill worked with a large financial institution to develop and carry out a UX research project that helped the firm realize the customer digital experience rewards it sought to strengthen its market position.

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Federal government: Impact Statement

User adoption strategy empowers a federal health agency

We drove a highly successful user adoption strategy for a large federal health agency requiring a time reporting system for its employees to proactively comply with regulatory requirements and provide robust workforce capacity reporting.

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State & local government: Interview

How a local government’s adoption of new technology yields agile way of working

Eagle Hill's approach to change management at a transformational scale helped a local government adopt new technology that yielded efficiency benefits.

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Financial services: Impact Statement

Digital transformation uses agile change management to improve CX and EX

We implemented an enterprise-wide digital transformation for a financial services organization to the Salesforce Lightning platform by using agile change management to create better customer and employee experiences.

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Technology, media & entertainment: Video

Conducting a technology assessment to inform strategic planning for public media

Eagle Hill helped the Corporation for Public Broadcasting nearly double the target response rate for a comprehensive technology survey of its many member stations. The key reason? Watch our animated client story to find out.

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Nonprofit: Narrative

Reimagining process, technology, and culture

A national museum’s legacy federal processes were limiting overall development as its program operations and presence grew. We applied private-sector best practices to increase flexibility and streamline operations.

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Technology, media & entertainment: Narrative

Designing a digital rights management system

Digital rights management has posed a major challenge for media enterprises. We helped one organization find a fluid, cost-effective solution that could reduce complexity—and eventually pay for itself.

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Technology, media & entertainment: Narrative

Managing technology + organizational change

The transition from analog to digital broadcast production was a major shift for one media organization. We helped them make a successful transition that got morale—and costs—back on track.

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Technology, media & entertainment: Narrative

Navigating the shift to digital through organizational realignment

When organizational responsibilities shifted between agencies, we provided our change management expertise to smooth the transition and plan for a successful merging of resources.

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Our latest research & thinking

Keep your finger on the pulse of technology trends impacting your industry with actionable insights and best practices based on our proprietary research.


Uncovering ROI: The hidden link between technology change and employee experience

Employee experience is a fundamental component to improve new technology change ROI, and ultimately, business ROI.

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The missing ingredient in successful technology implementations: People

Executives are turning to technology to enhance customer propositions and competitiveness. But when companies fail to engage employees in adopting and optimizing the use of the new technology, they’re coming up short on ROI.

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The missing link in technology: Employee engagement

By Melissa Jezior

We know that technology advancements can be a game changer in terms of strengthening an organization’s capabilities, improving the customer experience, or leapfrogging the competition. So it makes sense that corporate leaders are investing heavily in new technologies such as automation.

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Accelerating new ways of working for virtual teams

When COVID-19 hit, we had to greatly accelerate our transition to Microsoft Teams. Read how we employed a change management approach that included mindful technology adoption to create collaborative workspaces for our virtual teams.

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