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Consulting Services

Unconventional consulting

At Eagle Hill, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. We meet you where you are, customizing our management consulting services and solutions to your unique needs and culture. It’s just one way that we do things differently. Our innovative offerings in strategy, talent, organizational performance, and change help you unlock the power of your people to drive your organization’s success.

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Change drives progress

Enterprises that invest in strong change management set themselves up to thrive. Eagle Hill helps clients seize transformation as an opportunity to innovate and differentiate instead of reacting to change as it happens.


Boost organizational performance

Organizations need to be able to adapt to change without missing a beat. We bring proven performance improvement tools, approaches, and experience that help your organization not only adapt, but accelerate and sustain exceptional performance.

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Transform aspirations into actualities

Eagle Hill helps organizations develop living strategies that make your success predictable–even when your environment isn’t. We help you articulate your business goals, make plans so they are adaptable, and ensure the right people and structures are in place to achieve them.


Strong cultures and engaged employees drive success

We partner with clients to build talent strategies across the employee lifecycle, ensuring you have the right people with the right skills to advance your objectives—and the right cultural fit to thrive in your organization.

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Our latest research & thinking

Keep your finger on the pulse of the trends impacting your business and your industry with actionable insights and best practices based on our proprietary research.

Case Studies

Unconventional consulting leads to unbelievable results

Here are a few examples of how we provide impact for our clients. From boosting employee retention to planning market entry, our years of creative and strategic experience have helped clients across industries reach their potential.

Federal government: Impact Statement

Federal program evaluation poised to deliver huge ROI

We performed a program assessment and ROI analsis for a large federal regulatory agency, inclusive of identifying program evaluation KPIs, gathering and analyzing data, and identifying recommendations to significantly improve ROI.

Federal government: Impact Statement

Leveraging data-driven strategies for employee engagement success

We partnered with the Health & Human Services' Office of Human Resources to turn unwieldy FEVS results data into actionable insights to boost employee engagement and experience.

Federal government: Impact Statement

Optimizing inspection process unlocks 30% capacity gains for public health client

We helped one federal agency optimize their inspection process, unlocking 30% capacity gains.

Technology, media and entertainment: Interview

Optimized Asana implementation

Optimize your Asana implementation with Eagle Hill Consulting’s Asana experts.

Technology, media and entertainment: Impact Statement

Seamless Asana adoption for a national retailer

We helped a client drive a seamless Asana integration that maximized value and incorporated strong user adoption, governance, and behavior change.

Federal government: Impact Statement

Culture change unifies a federal agency

We helped map and implement a federal agency's culture change to a value-driven culture led by fairness, accountability, integrity, and respect.


Creative ideas, incredibly positive, and always moving forward.