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Organizational design

Optimizing your organization’s structure by putting your people first

Organizational design lays the foundation for driving growth and scale, improving service quality, elevating the customer experience, and competing to win. We see it as the means to the end of delivering business success. With a human-centered approach to organizational design that centers on people’s needs and behaviors, Eagle Hill ensures that the result works in practice, not just on paper. We go beyond rearranging the boxes and lines on the organizational chart so your business is set up to deliver on your strategy.

Designing organizations to thrive

The pandemic has accelerated many of the traditional drivers of organizational design. With so many changes happening fast, it’s an ideal time for leaders to take a hard look at their organizational structure—the whole enterprise or specific departments or teams—to ensure that they are positioned to meet shifting demands.

This is not simply redrawing the boxes and lines on the organizational chart. Done right, organizational design accounts for all of the elements that contribute to how work gets done every day—people, strategy, structure, governance, services, processes, and enablers like culture and technology.

Our innovative org design approach

Our innovative approach factors in how people work today—and how work should get done tomorrow. We put people first throughout the process, immersing ourselves in the organization to collect insights, generate ideas, and test concepts. By taking a human-centered lens to organization design, we bring your org chart to life though a tailored approach that builds a shared understanding of individuals’ roles and responsibilities.

Our solution is:


True partnership makes for a tailored approach to align with every organization’s needs


Laser focus on the people, actions, and behaviors that make an organization work


Real-world design for smooth implementation, transition, and meaningful outcomes

Why do we put people at the center of change?

We believe that successful organizational design has to be grounded in the whole ecosystem of people—those who do the work, and those who are impacted by the work.


How can design improve the customer experience?

Investors / Donors

How can design improve the ways investors, shareholders, donors, and/or volunteers engage?


How can design motivate the right behaviors to achieve key outcomes?


How can design maximize relationships with external partners?

Want to learn more about setting up your organization to meet its goals—today and tomorrow?

 Organizational design case studies

Unconventional consulting leads to unbelievable results

Here are a few examples of how we provide impact for our clients. From boosting employee retention to planning market entry, our years of creative and strategic experience have helped clients across industries reach their potential.

Financial services: Narrative

Fueling strategic growth through organizational design

When a large valuation firm wanted to drive growth across all its global service lines while still reflecting its regional business cultures, we helped transform organizational design to support a new strategic vision for its operating model.

Federal government: Narrative

Reassessing organizational structure to best serve customers and employees

In just 7 weeks, we helped an HR office solve for their existing staff continuity gaps—and plan for additional process improvements in the future.

Federal government: Narrative

Delivering a customer-focused organizational design

When a federal management services division needed clarity on their new mission and identity, we helped set goals, streamline processes, and design new structural models for service delivery and growth.

Technology, media and entertainment: Narrative

Navigating the shift to digital through organizational realignment

When organizational responsibilities shifted between agencies, we provided our change management expertise to smooth the transition and plan for a successful merging of resources.

Technology, media and entertainment: Narrative

Managing technology + organizational change

The transition from analog to digital broadcast production was a major shift for one media organization. We helped them make a successful transition that got morale—and costs—back on track.

Federal government: Narrative

Working together to drive sustainable change at the forefront of federal purchasing

We partnered with the GSA FAS to help them transition to a category management approach to federal procurement as a way to improve customer service—leading to the fastest and most thorough reorganization in their history.

Related capabilities

The realities of business are constantly changing. Our capabilities can help you meet today’s challenges while laying the foundation for a sustainable and flexible future.

Strategic planning

Bridging where you are and where you want to go

We pair our knowledge of market dynamics with our deep understanding of your business and culture to define your future vision and the strategies that get you there.

Workforce planning

The future of work is changing fast. Is your organization ready?

Eagle Hill helps our clients align their workforce with the needs and priorities of their business. Through workforce planning, they get the right people in the right roles at the right time to power future success.

Performance improvement

Advancing your organizational performance

Our performance improvement consulting experts bring proven tools, skills and experience to move organizations toward success, build capacity, and sustain performance.