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Technology, Media & Entertainment

Delivering value above expectations

In technology, media, and entertainment, everything is changing—fast. The race to become a more digital organization amid rights management, privacy issues, mergers and consolidations are just a few of the challenges Eagle Hill is helping our clients in the technology and media industries address every day.

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What we do

Eagle Hill helps our clients navigate the race to become a more digital organization, increasing rivalry for content, competition for audiences, and the convergence of communication, media, and technology providers. Our decades of industry experience and best-practice insights help you address evolving trends and chart your path to success.

Our solutions include:

Digital transition strategy


Product strategy & management

Strategic workforce planning

Media workflow & process re-engineering

Organizational strategic planning

Talent strategy

It’s not often you hear, ‘The survey was a hit!’ but that’s exactly what happened when our team helped the Corporation for Public Broadcasting survey public radio and TV stations to help them modernize aging equipment.”

– Millie Parikh, Senior Manager


Public radio and TV stations surveyed


Achieved nearly double the target response rate 


Pieces of equipment cataloged

Headshot of Millie Parikh

Address industry shifts with workforce planning

People are core to innovation and growth in the technology, media, and entertainment industries. The right skills are essential for navigating digital transformation and shifting consumer demands. We help technology and media companies position their workforce to achieve business objectives.

Learn more about our workforce planning services

Technology, Media & Entertainment Case Studies

Unconventional consulting leads to unbelievable results

Here are a few examples of how we provide impact for our clients. From boosting employee retention to planning market entry, our years of creative and strategic experience have helped clients across industries reach their potential.

Technology, media and entertainment: Impact Statement

Organizational design strategy for rapid growth

Anticipating continued rapid growth, an organization engaged Eagle Hill to help define an organizational design strategy and workforce planning process that would best support its goal of achieving 50% revenue growth in three years.

Technology, media and entertainment: Video

Conducting a technology assessment to inform strategic planning for public media

Eagle Hill helped the Corporation for Public Broadcasting nearly double the target response rate for a comprehensive technology survey of its many member stations. The key reason? Watch our animated client story to find out.

Technology, media and entertainment: Narrative

Creating a tailored go-to-market strategy

A nonprofit technology startup began charting its path to longer-term sustainability. We helped the company narrow its focus, align its priorities, and envision plans for its future marketing activities.

Technology, media and entertainment: Narrative

Designing a digital rights management system

Digital rights management has posed a major challenge for media enterprises. We helped one organization find a fluid, cost-effective solution that could reduce complexity—and eventually pay for itself.

Technology, media and entertainment: Narrative

Conducting market entry strategy + execution

We worked with an engineering and construction firm to assess its readiness and plan their entry into the fiber-optic market, a major area for growth and development, tackling key strategic questions with a targeted approach.

Technology, media and entertainment: Narrative

Managing technology + organizational change

The transition from analog to digital broadcast production was a major shift for one media organization. We helped them make a successful transition that got morale—and costs—back on track.

The importance of core values in company culture

Listen to Melissa Jezior and a colleague discuss the importance of strong, C-Suite-led core values. In this clip from the Tuning into C-Suite Challenges webcast, Melissa focuses on fostering a healthy corporate culture.

In the first episode of the webcast, “How to Stay Out of the Headlines? Start with a Healthy Culture,” Melissa investigated the root cause of scandals and crises in multiple industries.

Tuning into C-Suite Challenges is a webcast partnership between Eagle Hill and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers that explores strategy, technology, and management topics for SMPTE executives.

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