10 unconventional reasons to work at Eagle Hill




M: We celebrate unconventional career paths. We’re looking for a culture fit and not just technical skills. 

F: What makes Eagle Hill’s onboarding process stand out is how we’ve incorporated our core values and culture into that experience. 

F: I think Eagle Hill is unique because the power and the go ahead they give employees to bring ideas and see them through, to their full potential. 

F: The culture. Walking into the door, 

00:00:30    you’re, you — the colors. It’s bright. It’s engaging. The people are very nice. 

F: We don’t take a one size fits all approach. 

M: Nitro cold brew. 

F: I kept waiting after the interview process, things would change, it would be what I was sold. And it really hasn’t. It’s the place that I joined three years ago. 

F: Consulting in general is a very competitive environment. And at Eagle Hill you know that you can have your teammate’s back and they can have your back. And so you’re all pushing towards the same thing. 


M: They’re bright, talented, people from different walks of life with different college backgrounds, professional backgrounds, that all come together and create something that just hasn’t been done in consulting before. 


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