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Seattle employees share views on COVID-19 vaccines and the return to work

As COVID-19 vaccines in Seattle gain momentum, the road ahead remains challenging for employers. Eagle Hill Consulting research finds that Seattle employees have mixed views on workplace issues including workplace re-openings, COVID-19 vaccination proof, and what to do about unvaccinated employees. The Seattle employee sentiment is substantially different than national polling, with higher support among Seattleites for vaccine mandates and proof before returning to work.

Our state’s public health officials have made tremendous strides getting Washingtonians vaccinated, which is enabling economic and business recovery, but Seattle employees have concerns and differing views on a range of COVID-19 issues, and this creates a complex situation for employers to navigate. Given that Seattle employees have differing views on these important COVID-19 issues, it is critical that employers keep the lines of communication open with employees.

– Carrie Miceli, Technology, Media, & Entertainment Industry Lead

Seattle employees have substantially different views than their national counterparts on employer COVID-19 vaccination response 

Nearly two-thirds of Seattle workers say employers should require proof of vaccination.

say employers should require vaccination proof

Many Seattle workers think employers should require employee vaccination. 

say their employers should require employee vaccination

More than half of Seattle workers want employers to provide incentives to encourage vaccination. 

want their employers to provide incentives to encourage vaccination

Seattle workers anticipate that their workplace will be different when they return

When asked about the disruption of COVID-19 on the workplace, Seattle workers expect:


number of people working from home at any give time will be different


physical workplace will be different


people will be working further apart

Seattle workers are split on how to manage unvaccinated employees

When asked about the disruption of COVID-19 on the workplace, Seattle workers say:


say unvaccinated employees should be able to stay with their employer


unvaccinated employees should not be given special allowances to work from home


unvaccinated employees should not be allowed to work in-person with co-workers

Seattle employees want their employers to play an active role in workplace safety

When asked about the role employers should play with COVID-19 precautions now that vaccines are widely available, there was broad support for employer involvement. Seattle employees think their employers should encourage or require employees to:


Social distance


Wear masks


Have their
temperature checked


Wear personal
protective equipment


Receive regular
COVID-19 testing

The 2021 Eagle Hill Consulting Seattle COVID-19 Vaccines and the Workplace Survey measures employee sentiment about COVID-19 vaccines, returning to the workplace, as well as testing and safety protocols. Conducted by Ipsos from April 7-9, 2021, this national survey includes 523 respondents from a random sample of employees in Seattle.