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Employees share views on COVID-19 vaccines and the return to work

As vaccination rates ramp up across the U.S., the road ahead remains complicated for employers. Eagle Hill Consulting research finds that employees have mixed views on workplace issues including workplace re-openings, COVID-19 vaccination proof, and vaccine requirements. But, employees agree that they want employers actively involved in workplace safety measures. 

Employees know their workplace will be different, but managing any type of change is complicated and often met with resistance. The stakes are even higher when workplace changes involve employee health and safety. Employers need to keep the lines of communication open and really listen to employee views and concerns.

– Melissa Jezior, President and CEO

Employer COVID-19 vaccination response

Workers have differing views on whether employers should require proof of vaccination.


say employers should require vaccination proof

Workers are divided on whether employers should require employee vaccination. 


say organizations should require vaccinations

More than half of workers want employers to provide incentives to encourage vaccination. 


want their employer to offer incentives

Returning to the workplace

Many U.S. workers say employers should delay re-opening workplaces until COVID-19 vaccines are more widely available.

45% say organizations 
should wait to reopen

Across generations, Americans have mixed sentiments about the return to the physical workplace:

Younger generations report significantly higher levels of excitement around returning to the workplace.

Employees who are excited to return to the workplace

Yet, younger employees feel substantially higher amounts of anxiety about returning to the workplace.

Employees who feel anxious about the return to work

Employees want their employers to play an active role in workplace safety even after vaccines are widely available

My employer should require or encourage employees to:


Social distance


Wear masks


Have their
temperature checked


Wear personal
protective equipment


Receive regular
COVID-19 testing

The 2021 Eagle Hill Consulting COVID-19 Vaccines and the Workplace Survey measures employee sentiment about COVID-19 vaccines, returning to the workplace, as well as testing and safety protocols. Conducted by Ipsos from April 7-9, 2021, this national survey includes 1,027 respondents from a random sample of employees across the U.S. This poll follows similar research conducted from Feb 5-9, 2021, and from December 4-8, 2020.