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Case Study: Financial services

Accelerating organizational change—to the tune of a 20-point Net Promoter Score improvement

The procurement office of a large financial services organization seized the chance to remake its internal and external image and improve service delivery as part of an organizational transformation that focused on improving its culture, customer experience, and service offerings.

Goal: Improve organizational performance by transforming the customer and employee experience

Unconventional consulting—and breakthrough results

Points increase in Net Promoter Score

Increase in employees who understand the expectations of their role

Internal change ambassadors continuing to champion change adoption and the employees’ perspective

Our starting point

Early recognition that employees were unlikely to embrace transformational change led the organization to approach Eagle Hill for our proven expertise in organizational change management and culture change. We were up against:

New leadership

Poor perception of the procurement office by customers

Low internal awareness of the changes coming

Poor morale and little motivation to get behind a big ask

The roadmap to success

Eagle Hill helped the organization navigate the first phase of its transformation by giving employees a starring role—and ownership—in the process. Together, we pushed engagement, communication, and collaboration to the fore and ushered in a new long-term model centered on value-add relationships. Keys to our success:

  • Working closely with leadership to define a new vision and brand for the organization—from visual design to organizational behaviors—to overcome existing perceptions and jumpstart the transformation
  • Facilitating strategic planning efforts to define a roadmap aligned to the organization’s overarching vision and better understand resulting people impacts and needs
  • Leading stakeholder engagement activities with staff and internal customers to build cross-organizational understanding, gather feedback, and gain trust and acceptance; these included Living Labs sessions—Eagle Hill’s unique approach to employee-led change—organization-wide meet-and-greets, and all-hands meetings
  • Engaging staff to develop a shared identity across the organization and bring it to life in their day-to-day work
  • Launching a change champion program and training employees on how to best support their people and customers along the change journey
  • Developing a rewards and recognition program to generate enthusiasm among employees and accelerate behavior change across the organization

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