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Alessandra Gonzalez Callan

Alessandra Gonzalez Callan

University of Maryland
My favorite motto

“One thing you’ll never regret in life is being kind.”

My hobby

Going on walks, journaling, and discovering new restaurants and shops in the city.

The natural talent I’d like to be gifted with

Cooking! My entire family has a passion for cooking, but that talent seems to have skipped me. I have a big appreciation for those who are gifted in the kitchen.

My favorite getaway spot

Barranco in Lima, Peru. It’s a small town full of amazing art, delicious food, and beautiful views—a perfect combination for a little getaway.

Something most people might not know

My dream job when I was little was to work at an ice cream parlor… but I actually hate ice cream.

At the top of my bucket list

Going to Venice, Italy.