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Federal workforce planning

Delivering on your mission in a rapidly changing future

Getting the right people in the right roles at the right time can position federal agencies for mission success. That’s why we take a comprehensive and highly tailored approach to federal workforce planning. We understand the current capacity of your workforce, pinpoint the gaps, and develop a plan to be ready for the future—no matter how much, or how fast the environment changes.  

Why is workforce planning important for federal agencies now?

Too much is changing too fast, and it’s having a profound impact on the workforce. There has never been a better time for federal leaders to re-evaluate how they accomplish their mission. 

Digital transformation skills icon
Digital transformation demands new skills

The federal workforce needs different skills to keep up with the rapid advancement of digital technologies, which will only intensify. 

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Citizens expect next-level service experiences 

Convenient and high-quality service experiences have become expected, and federal agencies must be more citizen-centered and accountable for outcomes.

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Shifting demographics create major talent & skills gaps

Many federal workers are approaching retirement, but complex hiring processes, competition, and regulations make it hard to fill the talent gap.

Efficiency initiatives icon
Efficiency initiatives drive a push for reform

There is intense pressure to increase employee effectiveness so that federal agencies can be leaner and more efficient.  

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What makes our approach different?

We see workforce planning as a window into talent needs. That’s why we take a complete approach to federal workforce planning from design through implementation. We assess the big picture by considering strategy, planning, people, processes, and data with a fully integrated approach.

Too often, workforce planning is treated as an isolated exercise in analyzing staffing levels at a single point in time. And agencies are often told that they can solve all their workforce challenges with a one-size-fits-all solution that addresses just one issue. But that doesn’t work.

For us, workforce planning is foundational. It grounds every human capital decision—and it’s how federal agencies can build tomorrow’s workforce today.

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Workforce planning

Do you have the people, skills, and roles needed to deliver on your mission?

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Access to real-time reporting is important for justifying resource requests to the health industry and Congress—and essential for empowering Federal workers to shape the future of their agencies.”

Lisa Gryncewicz, Director


Accuracy forecasting 5year workload demand 


Increase in realtime data availability


Staff who benefit from realtime reporting

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Workforce planning insights

Our latest research & thinking

Keep your finger on the pulse of the trends impacting federal government with actionable insights and best practices based on our proprietary research.


Government employees share benefits and burdens of returning to office amid OPM telework mandates

Eagle Hill surveyed government employees to learn how workplace flexibility impacts productivity and retention. Our research reveals key insights for agency leaders to consider as they update their work environment plans per OPM telework mandates.


Navigating OMB’s new organizational health guidance

Our quick-read guide helps federal agencies navigate OMB's latest memo to update Work Environment plans, improve organizational health and performance, and create a culture of continuous improvement.


Building up from burnout: How government agencies can creatively adapt amid the Great Resignation

By Andrew Edelson

Burnout is fueling the Great Resignation—and with 56% of government workers feeling burnout, agencies must act now to understand what’s causing it in the public sector, and how they can address it, before it leads to more vacancies.


It’s about time: Agencies’ underutilized data may hold the key to reducing burnout

By Andrew Edelson

Learn how to reduce burnout at work, and make smarter workforce planning decisions, through utilizing data that's often overlooked.


The federal employee experience: How agencies can meet the needs of women workers amidst the Great Reevaluation

Amidst the Great Reevaluation, federal women workers feel their employee experience needs are not being met. Our research reveals where government agencies are coming up short—and how they can better support their women employees.


Running on empty: Why burnout at work is surging among government employees—and what to do about it

Burnout at work is surging for government employees. We share three reasons why and four ways to help employers turn down the heat.

Workforce planning case studies

Unconventional consulting leads to unbelievable results

Here are a few examples of how we provide impact for our clients. From solving for capacity challenges to building future workforce capabilities, our years of creative and strategic experience in workforce planning have helped clients deliver on their mission.

Federal government: Impact Statement

Improving the employee lifecycle and transitioning to the future of work

A large federal health agency called on Eagle Hill to improve their employee lifecycle process and increase employee engagement throughout. See how our team helped them battle today’s hiring challenges while planning for the future of work.

Federal government: Impact Statement

Enabling future decision-making through capacity planning and workload analytics

We helped a government agency create a transparent resource capacity planning function and advance workforce analytics to inform future decision-making.

Federal government: Narrative

Building a next-generation workforce

A federal agency came to us with a vision for becoming a Best Place to Work with a flexible, innovative workforce. We helped define 5 goals, 20 initiatives, and a detailed operational plan, all reflecting its culture and people.

Federal government: Interview

Developing competency models and workforce planning

We helped one highly specialized agency prepare their workforce for the future by implementing their forward-looking Human Capital Strategic Plan. Eagle Hill’s Mary Dalrymple, Director of Services and Innovation, explains how.

Healthcare and life sciences: Narrative

Strengthening workforce planning with predictive analytics

A global drug manufacturer was growing rapidly and needed a workforce planning partner that could keep up. We developed a flexible approach that could predict position needs without losing valuable momentum as plans changed.

Healthcare and life sciences: Infographic

Empowering a biotech to transform its future workforce

For this global biotech company, hiring top talent is vital to deliver innovative treatments to patients around the world. Our end-to-end workforce planning solution helped diagnose how to build its future workforce, today.

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