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Workforce development

Develop and accelerate your workforce

Eagle Hill helps you stay ahead of changing industry demands by continually developing your available skillsets. With an eye to long-term sustainability, we put in place workforce development solutions to identify and develop smart, adaptable people with the desire and the drive to stay relevant. We help you bring out the best in your people—driving long term success for your employees and your organization. 

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What we do

Empowered workforce development consulting

What can you do to help your employees stay ahead of the curve? And how can organizations bring out the best in their people?

Eagle Hill helps you put workforce development strategies and frameworks in place to identify and continually nurture driven, adaptable people within your workforce. We then help you find unconventional, yet always effective methods to keep your employees motivated and empowered to keep flourishing.

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We help develop next-generation leaders at all levels of your organization. Leadership launch gets new leaders up to speed so they can hit the ground running.

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We’re your partner for designing and executing training strategies that develop skillsets, increase productivity, and engage employees—all aimed at preparing you for the future of work. 

Workforce development insights

Our latest research & thinking

Keep your finger on the pulse of workforce trends impacting your industry with actionable insights and best practices based on our proprietary research.


To return or not return to work? That is the wrong question.

By Andrew Edelson

Where teams are managed matters less than how teams are managed. We share how utilizing effective performance management can drive productivity, collaboration, customer service, and culture, regardless of where teams are working.


6 strategies to improve employee performance—no matter where they work

We share strategies for managers to improve employee performance in any work environment.


5 strategies to build workforce resilience

With people being your organization’s best asset, emerging stronger from economic uncertainty hinges on investing in them. See how.


Quiet quitting isn’t new. It’s just larger and louder. 5 ways to embrace your “steady stayers” 

By Melissa Jezior

Quiet quitters aren't actually quitting, the catchy term should be renamed as "steady stayers" who get the job done and value work-life balance. Learn five ways to embrace these essential performers, improving retention and job satisfaction.


Government telework and flexible work arrangements are resulting in improved performance 

See how government telework and flexible work arrangements are improving performance for government teams.


Improving internal mobility programs: How to win the talent war through internal recruitment 

Research from Eagle Hill reveals employees believe they have better job opportunities inside their current organizations. But this potential is untapped. Learn practices for improving internal mobility programs and help employees learn, grow—and stay.


Are customer experience problems coming in through the employee entrance?

Our research finds that the relationship between the employee experience and customer service may be the most important, yet overlooked, piece in the customer experience puzzle.


Feedback on feedback: Five ways to create a constructive feedback culture

Feedback is important to professional development. We’ve identified five ways your organization can help support a constructive—and more productive—environment.


The missing ingredient in successful technology implementations: People

Executives are turning to technology to enhance customer propositions and competitiveness. But when companies fail to engage employees in adopting and optimizing the use of the new technology, they’re coming up short on ROI.

Workforce development case studies

Unconventional consulting leads to unbelievable results

Our years of experience in performance management and workforce development have helped clients across industries reach their potential.

Healthcare and life sciences: Narrative

From performance management to performance acceleration

We used a data-driven approach to design a new performance management program for a health service provider that emphasizes employee feedback, elevates responsibility for performance and replaces static annual performance reviews.

Financial services: Narrative

Implementing competency modeling to manage change readiness

A large financial services enterprise was undergoing a significant change and needed to prepare staff for new policies. We helped the team most impacted by this change get ready and gave them ownership in the competency modeling process.

Federal government: Interview

Developing competency models and workforce planning

We helped one highly specialized agency prepare their workforce for the future by implementing their forward-looking Human Capital Strategic Plan. Eagle Hill’s Mary Dalrymple, Director of Services and Innovation, explains how.

Nonprofit: Narrative

Standing up a performance management process to develop and recognize employees

An organization was experiencing growing pains, so we conducted our own research in order to understand employee perspectives, from the top down. We clearly defined all roles in the organization to ensure each person felt recognized and valued.

Financial services: Narrative

Improving morale and reducing high turnover

One large financial services company had a great career-mapping tool, but employee expectations weren’t aligned. We helped them close the gap by taking a transparent approach that stepped outside the box.

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