Break away from the expected

If you’re ready to start a new career in consulting, Eagle Hill is the best place to grow. Our hiring and onboarding process is when you’ll start to see the strong core values, people-first processes, and highly collaborative culture that are all part of what makes Eagle Hill unconventional.

Before we share how you’ll get here, let’s talk about who will get here

Eagle Hillers come from a wide range of backgrounds, industries, and previous roles. What we all have in common, though, is:

  • We live our core values of Impact, Collaboration, Family, and Fun.
  • We’re highly collaborative, not competitive with one another.
  • We’re dedicated to making a difference and doing our work with the highest integrity for each and every client. 
  • We’re talented, flexible, motivated, collaborative, creative, growth minded, and unconventional.
How you'll get here Eagle Hill

Our high-performance approach to hiring

Topgrading is a selective and rigorous process that identifies top talent and ensures the best fit for our company and culture. This standardized approach supports data-driven, inclusive hiring decisions.

Why we use Topgrading
  • Selective hiring helps us continue to be a community of high performers—even as we grow
  • The Topgrading process allows us to hold one another accountable in recognizing and removing barriers to inclusivity
  • Hiring a high-performing team contributes to company growth, creating exceptional career opportunities for all Eagle Hillers
  • It’s one reason why 90 percent of people who join the company are happy on the job a year later and are rated high performers

How you’ll get here

Calling all resumes! 

Take us through your professional journey via the Career History Form 

Say hello to your recruiter and ask questions during the phone interview

Meet two Eagle Hillers for the Topgrading interview

Connect with your recruiter and receive the offer

Say “yes!”

Meet your New Hire Buddy and new hire group on Day 1 of onboarding

Confirmation that you made the right choice

Our unconventional approach to onboarding

Yearlong cohort program
New Hire Buddy
Assigned Career Advisor
Camp Eagle Hill & Camp LEAD 
Ongoing access to leadership 

New Hire Buddy program View transcript


Meet your partner

What energizes me most?

Amy Fuller

Working with the best minds in the industry and knowing I played a key role in helping create that!

Layton Griffin

Being around highly motivated people energizes me! Professionally, it makes work so fun, and personally, it pushes me to be the best version of myself.

Sarah McElwain

Professionally, hearing people’s stories! Personally, friends and family in my kitchen before an evening meal together.

Mike Thomas

Helping people find jobs that bring them joy and fulfillment rather than jobs that are available to them.

Brace for impact! View transcript

One of the things that drew me here was the positive environment. And I realized it wasn’t just a catchphrase that everybody said. It really was true.

– An Eagle Hill employee