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Case Study: Financial services

Digital transformation uses agile change management to improve CX and EX

A retirement investment fund helping public sector employees build retirement security transitioned to Salesforce Lightning to create a better customer and employee experience. With over a million accounts across the nation, the client sought to retire antiquated technology platforms and to consolidate their workflow processes throughout the entire account lifecycle into Salesforce Lightning.

Eagle Hill helped the financial services organization craft and execute a change management strategy centered on the employee and customer experience. We combined aspects of traditional and agile change management to help the organization realize the full potential value of their digital transformation in the face of several significant and simultaneous changes.

Goal: To successfully effect an enterprise-wide digital transformation to the Salesforce Lightning platform by managing three concurrent streams of change: 1) new users migrating from a variety of antiquated case management systems to the Salesforce platform; 2) experienced Salesforce users transitioning to the new Lightning version; and 3) all users adopting monthly releases of new platform features.

Unconventional consulting—and breakthrough results

500+ Employees successfully guided by Eagle Hill through the transition to the new Salesforce Lightning platform

Employees successfully guided by Eagle Hill through the transition to the new Salesforce Lightning platform.

3 Successful transformational changes happening concurrently within the organization

Successful transformational changes happening concurrently within the organization.

32% Increase in the level of communication and collaboration between managers and their teams

Increase in the level of communication and collaboration between managers and their teams.

Our starting point

Facing a complex and highly-visible change, the client realized they needed to take a fresh look at how they were managing technology-driven change to date. They turned to Eagle Hill for a new perspective on what was working and what wasn’t in their existing change management strategy and to craft a new way forward that worked from this broader point of view. Eagle Hill needed to:

Launch a rapid discovery phase, which included interviews, focus groups, and day-in-the-life customer and employee personas to understand needs of all stakeholder groups, many of which had vastly different levels of experience and comfort with the Salesforce platform, let alone the new Lightning version.

Provide a much-needed and highly valued big-picture perspective on the multiple changes occurring to an organization that was laser-focused on technical implementation details. 

Embed within the digital transformation team to thoroughly understand the impact of coming changes and elevate the voice of the end-user.

Unconventional consulting and the roadmap to success

  • Adopting a hybrid, “traditional-agile” approach to change management allowed for a solution tailored to meet the unique challenges of multiple streams of change.
  • By taking the time to empathize with different user groups’ situations and understand and document their operations on the ground, Eagle Hill helped shape a technology rollout highly attuned to business needs.
  • For the first time in the organization’s history, Eagle Hill brought agile change management representation to the development team from the outset of the development process starting with Program Increment Planning through the rest of the lifecycle, including demos, testing, and launch. By keeping the user’s perspective at the center of the digital changes, Eagle Hill heightened the development team’s sensitivity to business and user impacts. In turn, we gained a thorough understanding of the technology that enabled the delivery of high-quality information to the right people at the right time through our communications, available resources, quick guides, and training.
  • By working closely with the development team, Eagle Hill also learned of technology changes and their impact in advance of their rollout, which greatly enhanced our ability to employ an agile change management process. We adapted communications in lockstep with the technology changes, which resulted in the delivery of consistent key messages when it mattered the most.