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Jack Kelley

Jack Kelley

Lafayette College
My all-time favorite vacation destination

A recent trip to Galapagos and Macchu Picchu—seeing both the best of nature in the Galapagos, and the soaring human accomplishments of the Incas at Macchu Picchu were my favorite.

Something about me people might not know

I love music—both listening to all types and playing piano and guitar.

A life change that seemed risky at the time, but turned out positive

Volunteering to move to Asia and take on significant new responsibilities in a new set of unfamiliar cultures.

One word my colleagues would use to describe me

“Jack of all trades.”

What “breaking away from the expected” means to me

Breaking through old constraints and ideas, and creating new business value that turns people’s heads.

My most significant role model

My father, who taught me that only I could make the decision to change the world, and that if I decided to do so and committed myself to the task, I would do it successfully.