• Melissa Jezior
    Featured Insight:
    Lessons from the Theranos Toxic Culture

    Theranos is back in the news. Not for any major developments on the shocking collapse of the Silicon Valley blood testing company led by Elizabeth Holmes, but because of a new documentary and podcast that shed light on a disturbing company culture.

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  • Melissa Jezior
    Is it getting even harder to recruit and retain tech talent in Virginia?

    Our offices are located on “ground zero” of Amazon’s new HQ2 arriving soon in Virginia. We’re literally in a building the online retailer reportedly soon will occupy – so we have an up-close view of the decided excitement about the company’s arrival.

  • Suzanne Williams
    5 Ways to Make a Healthcare Company Culture Better and Why it Matters

    Talent – finding it, attracting it, acquiring it, and retaining it – is commonly cited as a top concern by healthcare executives. As the U.S. unemployment rate continues to fall, the availability of skilled healthcare workers remains limited, and competition for universally relevant skills (e.g., data analytics) is stiff.

  • Melissa Jezior
    Rethinking Corporate Culture

    Corporate culture has long been examined by academics and thought leaders. But it never seems to garner the broad attention it deserves within a company until something goes horribly wrong.

  • Melissa Jezior
    Getting Ahead of the Integrity Implosion

    Without a foundation of integrity, an organization is at risk. Integrity is the cornerstone of how employees make decisions, act and react in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. When a company’s integrity is in question, the negative impacts can be devastating and ruinous.