• Jonathan Gove
    Featured Insight:
    The COVID-19 Disruptor:
    Re-Calibrating Employee Performance Management

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, millions of employees continue to work from home, and many will permanently. According to Eagle Hill research only one out of five employees nationally has a clear idea of what success looks like in their role and the numbers are even more striking in the Boston market. How do we seize the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to reinvent performance management?

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  • Melissa Jezior
    The Missing Link in Technology: Employee Engagement

    We know that technology doesn’t stand alone – employees play a critical role in every stage. But new Eagle Hill research finds a significant gap between technology investments and how employees experience them. More specifically, companies aren’t asking employees critical questions before new technologies are deployed. And they aren’t training employees to utilize new technologies.

  • Melissa Jezior
    Champions of Consistency

    As we take our first tentative steps into a country that’s not just reopening, but also changing dramatically, Federal agencies still must fulfill their missions and the workforce navigates change and uncertainty. Read more about how federal leaders can champion consistence in the workforce.

  • Melissa Jezior
    Let’s do better

    What can we all do today to make a difference for our broader community and nation? Here’s a start.

  • Melissa Jezior
    Extreme teleworking can connect us to colleagues in unexpected ways

    Losing our in-person interactions isn’t easy, including with coworkers. But extreme teleworking is an opportunity to develop a new appreciation for our colleagues’ humanity, and forge even stronger connections.

  • This PSRW, Let’s Honor Our Workers by Giving Them the Support They Need

    The celebrations surrounding Public Service Recognition Week definitely take on a different color this year. Eagle Hill CEO Melissa Jezior discusses the resiliency within federal employees and how we can honor their work by providing these employees extra support when they need it most.

  • Melissa Jezior
    2020 Vision: Lead Your Culture

    As you make business goals for the new decade, is building a winning and resilient culture one of them? Eagle Hill CEO Melissa Jezior shares the three steps you can take to make culture a priority in her 2019 Year in Review.