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The three essentials for change management

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[title] Eagle Hill Consulting: Coffee Talk in Seattle 

[title] Three essentials for change management 

[title] #1 Engagement and support from leadership

Melissa: First is leadership engagement and support, without that, whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish will most likely not get off the ground. 


[title] #2 Engage everyone who will be impacted by the change 

I think the other thing that’s very important is to make sure you’re giving everybody that’s going to be impacted by the change the ability to weigh in on the solution. 


I think people are very reasonable if you don’t take their idea, but I think you have to ask their idea, consider it, and if it is a good one, use it. So I think it’s about making sure you have all the employees engaged at whatever level they are to help move the solution forward. 


And I think the last thing I would say is communicate. 

[title: #3 Communicate (you can’t communicate enough)]

I think you can’t communicate enough and what you might think is enough if most likely, probably not. You have to overcommunicate about where things are and what’s going to happen, and when it’s going to happen to make sure everybody understands and is on board with what’s going on. 


[title] What Eagle Hill research ahs found about how to communicate change 

Jordan: We found while that folks overall do want to receive communication via email, only 1 in 5 respondents to our survey said that email was their preferred method of receiving communication and that was regardless of generations. 


Whether it was millennials or other generations, folks still want in person communication and engagement during a large scale change effort, so internally at Eagle Hill and for clients, we focused on focus groups, working sessions, town halls, getting out in front of people in person and supplementing that with email campaigns or messaging together. 


I think it’s interesting too, because I think people automatically assume with millennials that they would prefer email or prefer text but I think it’s really important to underscore the fact that in person communication particularly around change is still the most important thing. 

[title] in person communication 

[title] For more information on Eagle Hill’s unconventional approach to Change Management, visit www.eaglehillconsutlitng.com. 

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