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Brewing an unconventional culture

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Melissa: I’m very passionate about culture and the importance that culture can have because I think if you have a strong culture with happy employees you ultimately have happy customers. 


And I think in this particular market with such a demand in terms of hiring, it’s so important for employers to focus on what their employer brand is and what there culture is so they can continue to attract the people they need to be able to succeed 


Jordan: In particular on the people side of change, where we focus on human capital and change management, I think we can really compliment the growth companies are experiencing out here. And from an employee perspective with our strong culture, and feeling engaged in our project teams, and our teams working with client teams to engage that same excitement and engagement and effect change. 


Melissa: I think culture is a very important thing right now and very important for Seattle employers because it’s super important to attract and retain talent in this market. 

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