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When change is in the air, what needs to happen on the ground?

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Understand where you are and define where you need to go

Route Planning
  • What are your goals and why?
  • Who will see their day-to-day change and how?
  • How ready are people to change?

Identify who should be in the driver’s seat and understand how the change affects your people and processes

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Seek employee voice in shaping change strategies

Route Planning
  • How can you gather employee ideas and feedback?
  • What are key messages and how will they be communicated?
  • How can you cut through the “noise” to reach employees?
  • What training or resources are needed?

A plan is in place to get your people on board and committed to change

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Enable the change

Route Planning
  • What help do leaders, teams and other drivers need to move change forward?
  • How do you tap into team dynamics to further the change?
  • What are you doing to prevent change fatigue?
  • How can goals move forward under current processes?

Employees and leadership have the tools they need to understand and buy in to change

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Check progress and continuously improve

Route Planning
  • How are you measuring progress?
  • What are you doing to celebrate successes and track lessons learned?
  • How can late arrivers get on board and engaged?
  • How can you build employee accountability and capacity to sustain the change?

Celebrate successes and adjust your approach as needed to keep everyone on board with the change