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New research finds media and entertainment companies less likely to include integrity or morals in core values

Cultivating a Business Culture Driven by Innovation, Quality, Integrity & Customer Focus Will Drive Success in Highly Disruptive Industry Environment

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA AND WASHINGTON, D.C., October 25, 2018 – New research from Eagle Hill Consulting finds that only 37 percent of Fortune 500 media and entertainment companies include integrity or morals in their core value statements as compared to 63 percent for other companies.

The research also indicates that in a highly disruptive environment, media and entertainment companies that focus on the following four core values are poised to thrive:

  • Innovation, which creates and answers disruption.
  • Quality, which drives competition and demand.
  • Focus on Customer, which motivates an organization to deliver value.
  • Integrity, whose expression informs how all core values are acted upon.

These findings will be released at Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) 2018 Technical Conference and Exhibition in Los Angeles. Download Four Hidden Levers Media Companies Can Use to Get Ahead of Disruptions here.

“Creating a values driven culture can accelerate business performance. And a laser focus on core values is imperative as the media and entertainment industry undergoes massive disruption. The companies that figure out how to marry innovation, quality, integrity and customer focus values are positioned to emerge the winners,” says John McCoskey, Eagle Hill’s technology, media, and entertainment industry lead executive.

“The stakes are particularly high when it comes to integrity, and there often isn’t enough focus on this core value. Mistrust of business is at an all-time high, but business cannot reach their full performance when there isn’t a strong bond of trust between a company, its customers, partners, regulators, stakeholders and even employees. For example, a business is poised to fail if customers don’t trust the products and services, or if they fear a company won’t be a responsible protector of their personal data,” McCoskey says.

“Integrity is all about the choices that employees make every day. It’s up to media and entertainment industry leaders to structure their organizations so that their teams make the right choices and are held accountable,” McCoskey explained.

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