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68% of workers say team projects have better outcomes, but more frustrating, time consuming according to new Eagle Hill research

Arlington, Va., June 25, 2019 – New research from Eagle Hill Consulting finds that more than half of American workers say that projects take longer and are more frustrating when working on teams as compared to individual efforts. Yet, most workers say that team projects have better outcomes and are more fun.

“This research sends a strong message to business leaders that a top priority must be building a culture that fosters collaborative teamwork because it leads to achieving better business results and an engaged workforce,” says Melissa Jezior, Eagle Hill’s president and chief executive officer. “We know that the trend is businesses moving toward team-based initiatives. But the disconnect we found is that employees believe their business teams are falling short when it comes to building cohesive teams and performing at an optimal level.”

Employees say they spend 50 percent more of their time on collaborative work than they did 20 years ago. And, the American Psychological Association reports that the “lone wolf” is an endangered species, with teamwork is the favored way to get things done.

In a new national poll of U.S. workers that examines teamwork and change in the workplace, Eagle Hill found that:

  • More than half of American workers say that projects take longer and are more frustrating when working on teams. Some 55 percent say team projects take longer than individual projects, while 57 percent say they are more frustrating.
  • Most workers say that team projects have better outcomes and are more fun. A full 68 percent indicate team projects yield better outcomes, while 61 percent say they are more fun.
  • Workers are split on whether projects are harder or easier on teams, with 49 saying team efforts are harder.

Download the research here.

Today’s findings follow a national poll of U.S. workers that found employees who participated in team sports at some point in their life are more likely to believe their work team exceeds its goals, trust their co-workers, and tap into their individual strengths every day on the job. What makes workplace teams to go all the way? is available here. And earlier this month, Eagle Hill released, The Change Agents Hiding In Plain Sight: Workforce Teams, available here.

This research series comes as Eagle Hill launches advertisements airing on Fox Sports during the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup scheduled through Sunday, July 7th. The ads are airing in Washington, D.C. on WTTG/WDCA and in Seattle on KCPQ/KZJO. View the advertisements here.

The Eagle Hill Consulting Workplace Teams Survey 2019 and Team-Oriented Workplace Survey were conducted online by Ipsos in April and May 2019. Each of the surveys included over 1,000 respondents from a random sample of American adults who are employed either full-time or part-time across the United States. The surveys polled respondents on aspects of teamwork and change in their respective workplaces.

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