Explore the Research

  • Key Findings

    Our research indicates that government customer experience improvements may rely less on technology upgrades than on culture improvements—namely, a workforce that is invested and engaged, supported and rewarded by leadership.

  • Measurement

    Less than half of federal employees say their agency measures customer service effectiveness, exposing a critical gap. Here’s how to engage your employees and ignite your agency’s customer service efforts.

  • Governance and Leadership

    Eagle Hill’s survey results suggest that most federal employees aren’t sure who’s in charge of improving customer service within their agencies. Is it time to centralize and strengthen customer service leadership? Learn how that approach is already paying off for some agencies.

  • Culture or Budget

    Your culture or your budget: Which makes a bigger impact on improving customer service? Federal employees were clear about their view in Eagle Hill’s survey. Discover why focusing on areas like enhancing morale and empowering staff might be more worthwhile than striving for better systems or more money.

  • OMB Circular A-11 Section 280

    OMB Circular A-11 Section 280 gives guidance to enhance the customer experience (CX), covering five core functions. We break it all down in a simple visual summary.