• Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

    Projects in highly-technical environments are often made up of individuals who have specialized skills and competencies, but this group may find their projects derailing. Explore three ways to keep projects on track in highly-technical environments.

  • Reinventing Change Management

    A new Eagle Hill Consulting survey shows that according to employees,optimizing change is a weak link in workplace teams. Learn how well workplace teams are functioning today and take a look at our approach to team-based change.

  • When Teleworkers Return

    The best telework programs don’t just help employees work from home; they also offer the right environments when they’re back in office. See how to get the best of both worlds: lowered costs and reduced footprints with higher productivity and employee satisfaction.

  • The Business Case for Culture

    Organizational culture can be nebulous and difficult to measure. We’ve distilled culture into five critical elements designed to make workplace culture more tangible.

  • Guerilla Retention Tactics for Keeping Federal Workers

    There’s a double whammy making it harder to retain federal workers in the Metropolitan DC area. If your agency is worried about an exodus of talent, stop. There are concrete ways to remind your employees about why they should stay—starting with these four guerilla retention tactics.

  • Guerilla Retention Tactics for Keeping Tech Talent

    In today’s tight labor market, retaining top tech talent is hard. And it’s about to get a lot harder with Amazon HQ2 coming to town. Take action now with these four tactics for keeping your people.

  • Five Guerilla Recruiting Tactics for Hiring Top Tech Talent

    Looking to recruit the best of the best tech talent? It can be hard when your competition is the world’s most admired tech companies. Follow these tactics to stand out and get the people you need.

  • Should I stay, or should I go?

    We asked workers in the Metropolitan DC area whether they would consider leaving their current position to work for Amazon. More than half said yes—and the number is even higher for IT workers.

  • Will culture make or break your business in 2019?

    The right culture for your organization is a must. It leads to stronger business performance throughout an organization. Here are three steps you can take to be more intentional about your corporate culture to create a successful new year, and beyond.

  • Improving customer service in federal government: Start Here

    Government agencies have been striving to match expectations shaped by citizens’ best customer experiences elsewhere for well more than a decade. Yet they aren’t succeeding.