• My all-time favorite vacation destination

    The beach, where I am able to disconnect, read a few good books, and just relax.

  • A life change that seemed risky at the time, but turned out positive

    Moving to the DC metro area to get my master’s degree at George Mason University after graduating from the University of Kansas. I started the school year believing that upon completion of my degree, I would move closer to family and friends. I have been a Virginia resident for almost 17 years. This is where I met my husband and where I found Eagle Hill. Never say never!

  • One word my colleagues would use to describe me

    Loud—very loud.

  • My favorite meal of the year

    Thanksgiving dinner. It’s all about the sides and spending time with your family and friends over a delicious meal.

  • My favorite flower

    The sunflower. I am sure it has something to do with spending four years in Kansas, the Sunflower State. Maybe KU makes you crazy about Jayhawks, basketball, and sunflowers.