Leadership Launch

New leadership transition that gets you up to speed and off the ground

The work doesn’t stop just because you assume a new leadership role or the external environment around you is changing. An effective leadership transition plan begins with knowing your starting point, and then creates a clear and logical runway out of the thousands of decisions that follow.

Setting new leaders up to thrive

For incoming leaders, the parallel tasks of resetting the workplace while keeping day-to-day operations moving with minimal disruption can feel overwhelming. After all, not many have experience managing a change in leadership of this magnitude. Fortunately, Eagle Hill does. Through Leadership Launch, we amply prepare clients to manage the pivotal adjustments of leadership transition with clarity and confidence, so their organizations can soar. 

Leadership Launch is Eagle Hill’s guidance process through which incoming leaders become quickly equipped to achieve sustainable success in their new roles and environment. We set up new leaders to thrive, guiding them through a supportive process of assessment; interactive problem-solving workshops; and action planning—all structured to achieve substantial results on a small timeframe.

Why leadership transition plans are critical

Leadership changes often

“Whatever the election results, turnover is about to skyrocket.”

Source: Fed Health IT

“Almost 50% of the largest American firms will have a new CEO within the next four years.”

Source: HBR

Leaders often do not feel equipped to successfully manage transition-associated change

“About 40% of executives who change jobs or get promoted fail in the first 18 months”

Source: Fortune

A 2019 global study by BlueSteps found that a majority of U.S. executives received no formal workplace onboarding in their most recent roles. 

Source: HR Executive

Time is of the essence

Transition quality depends largely on two factors: time to prepare and readiness to lead. The more you compact one factor, the more the extensive the other needs to get.

Organizations rarely have the luxury of a leisurely transition, which means the leaders taking over need to build the right capabilities, fast. 

Organizations that do not transition effectively risk time, resources, and morale

“Every failed transition—whether outright derailment or less dramatic underperformance—exacts costs from the organization as well.”

The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Smarter and Faster, by Michael D. Watkins (Harvard Business Review Press)

What makes our approach different?

New leaders must quickly chart a course forward while the work continues. That can be an overwhelming proposition, especially when the environment they’re coming into is volatile and the risk is high. Eagle Hill’s Leadership Launch solution gives new leaders the structured framework they require—to innovate, plan, and execute a clear vision, calmly and competently. 

We help clients:

Focus on what will forward the mission

Our Discovery phase helps leaders discover what matters most to their organizations. We quickly gather data (through direct surveys and interviews of leadership and employees) and build knowledge (external research), which heavily shape the subsequent workshops, analysis and recommendations.

Hash out the issues through hands-on instruction

Our Workshop phase creates a “safe space” to conduct engaging exercises designed to focus on priorities, opportunities, risks, and critical actions in six key areas: the mission, the stakeholders and customers, leadership, organization health, essential functions and services, and tools and technology. 

Turn learnings into action

During our Insight phase, EHC takes all the knowledge and outputs developed across the first two phases and finalizes the leader’s prioritized, tailored 30/60/90-Day Action Plan. During several rounds of review and iteration, we stress test the plan with internal experts at the leader’s organization and Eagle Hill.

Launch leaders

Our Call to Action phase delivers the action plan, opens it to discussion and gains commitment. At this point, it becomes a leader’s planted guidepost (supported by access to a variety of Eagle Hill ready references), with Eagle Hill subject matter experts available to provide additional post-takeoff support if desired. 


Our latest research & thinking

Keep your finger on the pulse of the trends impacting your organization and your industry with actionable insights and best practices based on our proprietary research.


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