Team Based Change MANAGEMENT

Moving beyond change as usual

Eagle Hill adds a new dimension to traditional change management’s focus on the individual. We partner with clients to leverage interpersonal dynamics to empower the heart of their organization—their teams—to drive change. Our team based approach to change management breaks the mold, yielding new and more effective ways to speed adoption and sustain organizational change.

Our team based change management approach

Team based change reimagines how we harness the power of change management to drive success for our clients.

Discover: Understand teams

Create: Design for teams

Engage: Motivate teams

Advance: Empower teams

Why shift from traditional change management?


Sadly, 70 percent of transformation efforts fail.

Source: Harvard Business Review


Employees spend 50 percent more of their time on collaborative work than they did 20 years ago.

Source: Harvard Business Review


Employees overwhelmingly identify their team lead as the biggest influencer of change in the workplace.

Source: Eagle Hill Consulting
Workplace Teams Survey 2019


Our latest research & thinking

Keep your finger on the pulse of the trends impacting your business and your industry with actionable insights and best practices based on our proprietary research.

Research & Resources

Bouncing forward from the COVID-19 crisis

Learn how to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis stronger than before. The decisions leaders make, the strategies they pursue, and the priorities they set now will have a lasting impact for years to come, for better or worse.

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Reinventing change management in federal

A new Eagle Hill Consulting survey shows that according to federal employees, optimizing change is a weak link in workplace teams. Learn how well workplace teams are functioning today and take a look at our approach to team-based change.

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Across generations. Change is change. People are people.

Workforces are more multigenerational than ever before—so you might be surprised to learn that most employees share the same views on change management, regardless of their age group. What change management qualities cross generational divides?

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ALM Ranks Eagle Hill Consulting as Top 10 Global Leader In Communications and Change Management Consulting

Eagle Hill is a top ten rated global leader in communications and change management consulting, according to a new ALM report…

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What makes workplace teams go all the way?

With teamwork on the rise, organizations with strong teams and a culture that values collaboration are best positioned to achieve their goals. What can leaders learn from the world of sports?

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Are teams worth the effort?

How do people work? More and more, it’s on teams. Given this new environment, how do workers feel about teamwork? Is it worth the effort?

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The realities of business are constantly changing. Our solutions can help you meet today’s challenges while laying the foundation for a sustainable and flexible future.

Workforce planning

The future of work is changing fast. Is your organization ready?

Eagle Hill helps our clients align their workforce with the needs and priorities of their business. Through workforce planning, they get the right people in the right roles at the right time to power future success.

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Culture & performance

When’s the last time you thought about culture?

Eagle Hill helps organizations find the direct line from culture to business success. We provide our clients with the tools and metrics to optimize their culture investments and make more informed decisions.

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Virtual change management

Bring your people through change—no matter where they are working.

Our virtual change management approach is designed for the realities of remote working, helping employees and teams engage in change so strategic initiatives succeed.

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