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Case Study: Technology, media and entertainment

Conducting a technology assessment to inform strategic planning for public media

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting wanted to help members stations upgrade to the latest equipment—but first, it needed to get a handle on the state of technology at every public and radio television station it served. Eagle Hill helped CPB build a survey and outreach plan that nearly doubled the target response rate, leading to a wealth of valuable information that will help CPB create a more sustainable public media system.

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The corporation for public broadcasting wanted to help 1500 public radio and TV stations modernize aging equipment 

But first they needed a clear picture of each stations’ technology to understand how to proceed 

With our expertise in technology, media & entertainment, CPB turned to Eagle Hill 

We helped CPB conduct a comprehensive survey to gain prime-time insights into the state of technology at member stations 


Our unconventional multipronged outreach strategy emphasized the spirit of collaboration and respect for each station’s time and effort 

with consistent engagement answering questions and articulating benefits 

The result: The survey was a hit! 


Unprecedented participation 

92% of TV stations

73% of radio stations

Nearly 2X the initial target 

Cataloged more than 60,000 pieces of equipment 

A wealth of valuable information 

Now with a strong signal of the issues facing public media today, we developed 14 recommendations: 

Strategic planning



Collective purchasing 


To help create a more sustainable public media system 

Unconventional consulting 

Breakthrough results 



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