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Program evaluation

Meeting your agency’s evidence-building needs 

Our program evaluation experts are committed to helping agencies make data-based decisions grounded in best practices. We identify, design, and tailor rigorous federal program evaluations and assessments that give insight into how to improve programs, support informed decision-making, and effectively allocate resources. The end goal? Delivering the mission efficiently and effectively. 

What we do

Meaningful evaluations deliver meaningful insights

We help you navigate and respond to evaluation requirements with experience and tools that minimize risks and maximize insights. Our team works across the evaluation lifecycle, including evaluation design, instrument development, data collection and analysis, strategic communications, and reporting. With decades of experience supporting government agencies with Office of Management and Budget clearance and Evaluation Act compliance, our federal program evaluation consultants understand both the nuances of your programs and the big picture of your mission.

How Eagle Hill helps meet your evidence-building needs

Relevance from the start
We develop evaluation objectives that provide the most useful information and actionable insights for all stakeholders.

Rigor throughout the process
We tailor our approach to meet your evaluation objectives using industry-leading methods and practices, while balancing scale, timelines, feasibility, resources, and compliance.

Independence and objectivity
Our teams provide fair and unbiased evaluations, maintaining independence from programmatic, regulatory, policymaking, and stakeholder activities.

Responsiveness and agility
Our teams conduct effective program evaluations that produce results, working through resource constraints and tight timelines.

Transparency and trust
Communication is consistent and timely, and our teams provide reporting and access to data, tools, and frameworks so stakeholders always know the work that’s being done.

Ongoing capacity building
As part of our work together, our skilled teams can help your organization build its own internal evaluation capacity for the future. 

Our data-driven program evaluation capabilities

We cover the full spectrum of evaluations, including fact-finding, performance monitoring, process and implementation evaluations, cost-benefit analysis, and outcome and impact evaluations. As part of design and planning, we develop a clear understanding of the evaluation subject, tailoring the evaluation type, scope, objectives, and research questions accordingly.

Our experts leverage tools and techniques that support rigorous and useful evaluations. This includes surveys, focus groups, and interviews to collect qualitative data, alongside quantitative data collection from systems and processes.  

We leverage specialized data-analytics and visualization expertise to enable powerful insights that organizations can act on to make improvements.

Our team provides subject matter expertise across an array of academic and professional disciplines.

We know that success hinges on execution. Thats why we leverage proven and respected methods to deliver results-oriented projects and evaluations on time and within budget.

Client success:

Data-driven program evaluation leads to breakthrough results

Program evaluation CASE STUDIES 

Unconventional consulting leads to unbelievable results

Federal government: Impact Statement

Federal program evaluation poised to deliver huge ROI

We performed a program assessment and ROI analsis for a large federal regulatory agency, inclusive of identifying program evaluation KPIs, gathering and analyzing data, and identifying recommendations to significantly improve ROI.

Federal government: Impact Statement

Data-driven program evaluation leads to breakthrough results

A large regulatory organization called on Eagle Hill to provide data-driven program evaluation services to aid in decision making and execution of their future state operations. See how our team maintained progress and momentum, while also safeguarding rigorous program evaluation standards.

Healthcare and life sciences: Narrative

Enhancing care delivery and operations through program management

In the face of increasing priorities and culture change, we helped one large healthcare organization roll out system-wide transformation of care delivery and perioperative supply chain operations.

We’re experts at providing actionable insights to help you meet your mission. Discover other ways we’re helping clients accelerate success.

Program and Project Management

Align strategy and execution for results

Success hinges on execution. Realizing your goals requires taking performance to the next level by closing gaps, coordinating efforts, and operationalizing your strategy.

Business process improvement

Optimize your processes to drive your outcomes

Our business process improvement consulting services help organizations increase efficiency, decrease costs, and develop operational innovations to reach their full potential.

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