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New Eagle Hill Consulting research finds 61 percent of U.S. workers worried about a recession

Vast majority of workers say layoffs via email are wrong

Arlington, Va., March 8, 2023 – As the economy and labor markets remain volatile, a new Eagle Hill Consulting poll of U.S. workers finds a high level of worry about a recession. Sixty-one percent of workers report concerns, with more women concerned about a recession (68 percent) than men (55 percent).

The research also finds that a looming recession could help address the Great Resignation. Eighty-four percent of workers indicate they are more likely to stay in their jobs should the U.S. economy enter a recession.

While only a small portion of workers are concerned about layoffs (33 percent), employees reported clear views on how to handle worker layoffs. Eighty-five percent say layoffs via email are wrong. Instead, employees say they prefer an in-person meeting (72 percent) to provide notification of a layoff.

“There’s been a recent spate of workers learning via email that they no longer have a job, and that clearly does not sit well with workers,” said Melissa Jezior, president and chief executive officer of Eagle Hill Consulting. “While leveraging technology to provide employees with information can be efficient, relying on email isn’t the ideal approach for layoff notifications.”

“Implementing a large-scale layoff does present logistical challenges for employers. But employers should make every effort to tell employees face-to-face that they’ve lost their job. Taking the time to carefully plan and deliver layoff notifications is an important investment. Over the long term, employers that fail to lay off workers with dignity will develop a reputation as disrespectful to its workforce. And that will eventually harm a company’s brand, reputation, ability to attract workers, and the bottom line,” Jezior said.

The data findings are based on Eagle Hill Consulting’s 2023 Employee Sentiment Survey conducted by Ipsos from February 7-10, 2023. The research included 1,393 respondents from a random sample of employees across the U.S.

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