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From leveraging data to following up with new employees, gain insight on strategies to strengthen your recruiting process. Take a deeper look into these six critical elements to cast your line for quality hires and make a better experience for everyone involved.

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    Are you having trouble finding quality candidates?



    Find the best candidates with targeting tools based on live data.

    Social professional networks are the #1 source of quality hires.*

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    Do quality candidates know enough about you to be interested?



    Use consistent and compelling messaging at every candidate touchpoint. Highlight your organization’s mission and culture.

    A strong employer brand attracts top talent.

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    Do you know how successful your recruiting program is?



    Use your data to determine what works best.

    Analysis of time cycle metrics and creative hiring strategies helped increase hiring by 33% in just four months.

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    Do your candidates lose interest or take another offer because it takes too long to get hired?



    Develop an end-to-end process that monitors critical path milestones and resolves issues. Include candidate communication.

    Shortened hiring time to 49 days from 111.

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    Are your new employees excited to be part of your organization?



    Create a highly engaging onboarding and orientation.

    Employees are 69% more likely to stay up to three years if they attend a well-structured onboarding program.**

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    Are you hiring people that are not strong performers?



    Use a standard and rigorous candidate vetting and interviewing process to verify a candidate has the right experience and competencies for a strong functional and cultural fit. Incorporate appropriate OPM authorities.

    Hire high performers up to 90% of the time.***

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