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Unconventional Paths


Manager. My primary role is supporting our Services function, leading market research and helping our client-facing workforce develop tools for engagements. Before that, I was client-facing myself and led a small team at TSA.


Having a strong passion for education, I began my career as a third-grade teacher. Four years in, however, a growing interest in education policy led me to earn a master’s degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University. Wanting a change of pace from teaching led me to the world of consulting—and to EHC where I began my career as an intern. After graduating, I joined full-time as an associate and was later promoted to manager, where I led project teams on client engagements. Three years later, I made the transition to my current role.


What attracts me to the unconventional nature of EHC is that it’s a woman-owned business with positive values. I consider many of the EHC women as role models. Here, your career path can be more fluid and the company’s methodology is less prescriptive than at large traditional firms.


My background as a teacher helped shape my ability to communicate information clearly and effectively to a wide variety of audiences, while also understanding that not everyone receives information in the same way. Similar to teaching, in consulting you have to constantly be open to modifying your direction in order to meet clients’ changing needs.

My role at EHC:

Director in Eagle Hill’s Seattle practice. This role encompasses everything from our Seattle strategy and culture to client acquisition and talent development in addition to overseeing delivery excellence across a range of projects.

My unconventional career path:

Throughout my career I’ve followed a somewhat unusual career path, spending four years as general manager of a collegiate summer league baseball team and then doing business development in the tech sector at Groupon. I decided to give consulting a try and started at Eagle Hill as an associate, then worked my way to managing projects. Together with leadership in 2016, I saw an opportunity to expand Eagle Hill to the Seattle market and pulled together a business case for making it happen. That led to a move across the country to build an office of one (me!) into a team with a growing client base.

Working unconventionally at ehc:

I think it can be unconventional for companies to truly empower people to identify problems or opportunities, put together solutions or business cases, and run with those ideas; Eagle Hill allowing me to do that led to my current role. I likely would not have had this type of entrepreneurial opportunity at other consulting firms, particularly coming from a non-consulting background.

Embracing diverse backgrounds:

When I started at Eagle Hill, I learned that consulting was a whole new ball game with a very steep learning curve! However, I felt supported and set up for success as I navigated a new industry. That’s something I try to pay forward to new hires coming from other fields.

Career Levels

Eagle Hill has six career levels with specific capabilites for each. Rather than time required at a certain level, employees are promoted when they’ve demonstrated their ability to consistently perform well at their current level, and have begun to demonstrate capability at the next level.

  • Associate

    Associates bring experience in solution development and analytical thinking from a variety of professional industries and functions. They provide real contributions to our project teams, firm activities and company growth.

  • Senior associate

    Senior Associates have a minimum of 2 years management consulting experience, where they are often able to take on increasing levels of responsibility across their project and firm activities.

  • Manager

    Managers have a minimum of 5 years of work experience including experience managing teams and projects in a consulting environment. Our managers lead solution development, manage client relationships and are responsible for project delivery.

  • Senior manager

    Senior Managers have at least 3 years’ experience operating at the manager level in a consulting environment. Senior managers may take on increased account and business development responsibilities in addition to project delivery.

  • Director

    Directors have at least 10 years of relevant experience and are able to lead efforts across Eagle Hill’s core service lines and industries. Directors are also responsible for achieving revenue goals within their accounts.

  • Senior director

    Senior Directors have a proven track record building and running a consulting business across Eagle Hill’s core service lines and client industries. Senior Directors are also responsible for driving and achieving revenue goals within their industry.