Unconventional career paths

At Eagle Hill, we believe that individuals from diverse backgrounds and with unconventional career paths enhance both our community of consultants and our client relationships.

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President & CEO Melissa Jezior on what makes us so unconventional
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Associate Esha Quinlan on our team-oriented environment

Unconventional paths


Marketing manager at Eagle Hill. I was previously at Eagle Hill as an associate consultant in our Federal sector, and now rather than having clients in the federal space, I help grow awareness and interest in the great work and impact we deliver for our Federal clients. My job is to help grow the business, support our teams, and share the great work we’re doing.


Throughout my diverse career path, I’ve always been motivated to pursue roles and organizations that have a positive social impact. I spent a few years in the Peace Corps and after seeing the impact of my work every day, I knew I needed to find a career where I could continue feeling that same motivation and passion. I was a federal employee at the National Park Service and then the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture for a few years. Working in the federal space, I saw how much faster consultants could create impact there, which ultimately led me to Eagle Hill.

I’m Eagle Hill’s first boomerang, so I left Eagle Hill for a few years and worked helping a high-growth startup manage acquisitions and lead brand and content marketing. I fell in love with developing messaging, and when I saw that Eagle Hill had an open marketing position, I knew I couldn’t let the opportunity to work here again pass me by. I’m so excited to be back!


The way that Eagle Hill utilizes, appreciates, and encourages diverse experiences is really unconventional. Everyone comes from a very different background and has the opportunity to bring their perspectives to the table, which is not something you see many places. And especially coming from a diverse background myself, it’s nice to feel comfortable and confident sharing ideas.


Having left Eagle Hill and experienced other cultures, it’s incredibly rare to find a company and leadership team that is so devoted to building culture, cultivating connections between people, and helping everyone succeed. This is the best culture I’ve ever been part of, it’s my gold standard for culture, and it was the main driver for me wanting to come back to Eagle Hill.