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The state of hybrid work in the financial services industry

Eagle Hill Consulting surveyed workers across the financial services industry on the topic of remote, hybrid, and in-person workplace flexibility to provide insights to financial services companies as they shape their workplace models and remote work policies. Nearly half (46%) of respondents reported that their employer has not sought their input on what they want around remote and hybrid work. Read on to see what else our research found. 

Has anyone in your organization asked for your input on what flexibility you’d like related to remote/hybrid work?

Source: Eagle Hill Consulting Financial Services Telework Survey, 2023

Financial services employees want more flexibility—and will look for a new job if it is reduced

Employees want more flexibility from financial services companies’ hybrid work models and policies.

In terms of your employer’s remote and hybrid work policy, would you like your employer to …


Be more flexible


Stay the same


Be less flexible

Nearly 70% of financial services employees say they will consider looking for a new job if their employer reduces remote and hybrid work flexibility.


will consider looking for a new job if their employer reduces flexibility

Weighing the pros and cons of workplace models

In financial services, employees see value in both in-person and remote work. 

Top benefits of working in person 


More socialization 


Improved collaboration 


More productive at the office 


Ability to leave work at the office 


Informal learning opportunities 

Q: If you are required to go back to the workplace, what do you see as the benefits?

Top concerns around working in person


Work-life balance 


Increased costs (commuting, etc.) 


Commute time 





Q: If you are required to work more in the office, what concerns you?

Most financial services employees believe that individuals who choose to work more in the office than remotely are more likely to be successful.


say more in-person work leads to more success in the job

Where do financial services employees do their best work?

Collaborative tasks, people management, and performance discussions are best performed in person, while individual tasks are best performed remotely. 

Are these activities better performed in person or remote?

How do you want to collaborate with others?


say they want to collaborate in person if they know the person


say they want to collaborate remotely if they don’t 

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to in-person workdays

Financial service employees are evenly split as to whether they are more productive spending a full or partial day in the workplace.

If you are required to go into the office, do you feel you would be most productive:


spending the full day in the office


spending part of the day in the office


These findings are based upon the Eagle Hill Consulting Financial Services Telework Survey conducted by Ipsos from October 11–16, 2023. The survey included 384 respondents from a random sample of employees across the U.S. Respondents were polled about their views about working remotely.