Business process improvement

Optimize your processes to drive your outcomes

Business process improvement delivers business outcomes. It’s fundamental to achieve organizational success through increasing efficiency, decreasing costs, and developing operational innovations for your people to reach their fullest potential. But it can’t be done in a vacuum. That’s why our business process improvement consulting services take a combined feedback and feedforward view of BPI, understanding the impacts on operations, structure, talent, and performance for continuous improvement. Because stronger processes make stronger organizations.

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Benefits of Eagle Hill’s business process improvement consulting services

The ways that business gets done are constantly changing. This makes flexibility a critical competitive differentiator. Our team has the tools and techniques to help you create flexible operations through business process improvement. Eagle Hill helps you:

Achieve strategic and quality objectives

Create and sustain process, performance, and cost efficiencies

Recognize optimal process design and resource use

Improve customer service, satisfaction, and responsiveness

Support continuous improvement and business growth

Identify and implement process automation opportunities 

Boost speed of execution and organizational agility

Transform employee engagement and productivity

What we do

From process review to redesign

We can help your organization seize the full potential of business process improvement and business process engineering across process types—from programmatic to enterprise, from siloed to end-to-end.

Our approach:

Uses data-driven methodology

Our team uses customized quantitative analysis tools for a deeper understanding of processes, including key tasks, use of systems across steps, and assigned roles. This way, we can tailor the right business process improvement solution for your organization. 

Emphasizes collaboration

We understand that successful business process improvement initiatives solicit input from across the organization. We make it a priority to work collaboratively across the organization to get diverse perspectives, weaving in feedback to build buy-in.

Prioritizes change management

Not only do we build the capacity for continuous improvement into our process improvement solutions, but we also ground our forward-looking approach in change management. Preparing and informing people is key to creating sustainable results.

Relies on an experienced team

We have worked on business process improvement with the public sector and private sector companies across industries. Drawing on this experience, our multi-disciplinary teams can pull in best practices from other organizations of similar size, focus, and goals. 


Unconventional consulting leads to unbelievable results

Federal government: Impact Statement

Data-driven program evaluation leads to breakthrough results

A large regulatory organization called on Eagle Hill to provide data-driven program evaluation services to aid in decision making and execution of their future state operations. See how our team maintained progress and momentum, while also safeguarding rigorous program evaluation standards.

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Financial services: Impact Statement

Financial institution realizes customer digital experience rewards from improved UX research

Eagle Hill worked with a large financial institution to develop and carry out a UX research project that helped the firm realize the customer digital experience rewards it sought to strengthen its market position.

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Federal government: Narrative

Optimizing CBP’s hybrid telework environment

In support of the Federal Government's telework initiative, Eagle Hill worked with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to help employees improve efficiency while teleworking.

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Nonprofit: Impact Statement

AI-enabled data gathering across 65 countries unlocks compelling improvement possibilities

Learn how an AI-enhanced approach helped a global nonprofit development organization build an internal operating model every bit as advanced as its external one for the most impact across both its headquarters and field offices.

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Health & life sciences: Impact Statement

A 20% increase in case cart accuracy puts clinicians’ focus back on patient experience

By optimizing care delivery and operations for a leading regional healthcare provider, we helped reduce case cart supply errors, empower supply chain staff, and enable clinicians to spend more of their time on their patients—and less on case cart accuracy.

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Health & life sciences: Narrative

Supporting adoption of a CRM implementation through best fit change management

A large healthcare organization implemented Salesforce, a huge advance for them—as long as employees were motivated to use it properly. We worked closely with management to roll out the release in stages and build up their capabilities.

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The realities of business are constantly changing. Our capabilities can help you meet today’s challenges while laying the foundation for a sustainable and flexible future.

Technology enablement

People-powered technology transformation

We help clients maximize the value of technology by looking beyond the technology capabilities your organization needs, to the people, process, and cultural shifts needed to bring technology to life and take root in your organization.

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Organizational design

Designing organizations to thrive

With a human-centered approach to organizational design, we go beyond rearranging the boxes and lines on the org chart so your organization is set up to deliver the outcomes you want.

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Change management

Change drives progress

Seize transformation as an opportunity to innovate and differentiate, instead of reacting to change as it happens. We help guide your people and organization past reluctance – to powerful results.

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