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Strategic planning

Bridging where you are and where you want to go

Strategic planning sets the direction for the future. It outlines where your organization is, where you want to go, and how to get you there. Successful strategic planning requires more than putting a vision statement, business strategy, and business objectives on a page. It requires putting them into practice to realize your goals. That’s why our strategic planning consulting services focus on more than the strategy. We help you deliver it.

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Benefits of Eagle Hill’s strategic planning consulting services

Organizations must own disruption and turn uncertainty into value and growth. Our team brings proven strategy expertise to help you push past short-term, reactive thinking and align around a shared vision for the future.

Eagle Hill helps you: 

  • Improve accountability for business objectives
  • Align your talent strategy at every level of your organization around a common goal
  • Define shared measures of success and failure
  • Translate your business strategy into clear actions 
  • Address business issues with a cross-organizational view
  • Drive competitive advantage and mission success

Improve accountability for business objectives

Align your workforce around a common goal

Define shared measures of success and failure

Translate your business strategy into clear actions 

Address business issues with a cross-organizational view

Drive competitive advantage and mission success

What we do

From strategy planning to action

Our strategic planning consulting services bring expertise in designing and implementing realistic plans that can flex with change. We don’t force a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we work with you to determine what’s best for your organization.

Our approach:

Puts your people first
Your people are the touchstone of our strategic planning process. Our team factors in their needs and perspectives to create a sense of shared ownership. And we help you communicate the purpose, goals, and outputs of your plan to drive adoption.

Is collaborative
The strategic planning process is about your organization, not ours. We get to know your organization to build meaningful connections and trust. Our approach is designed to keep everyone working toward the same goals—your goals.

Is designed for action
We focus as much on outcomes as inputs. That’s why we design with implementation in mind, helping you with strategy planning that is actionable, not theoretical. Our tools and techniques make it possible to move quickly to results. 

Cultivates culture
Your strategy should be at the heart of everything your people do, guiding their actions, interactions, and decision making. As part of our strategic planning services, we help you foster a culture in which everyone can see themselves in the strategy, understand it, and embrace their role in delivering it. 


Our latest research & thinking

Keep your finger on the pulse of the trends impacting your business and your industry with actionable insights and best practices based on our proprietary research.


Activate your strategic plan in 5 steps

Learn 5 ways to activate your strategic plan, grounded in creating a culture of adoption that includes all employees.


Strategic planning: Escape the year one trap

The first year in a new executive role is a whirlwind. When can you take time out to “be strategic”? Through changing her mindset in three critical areas, Eagle Hill President and CEO Melissa Jezior found a way that works for her.


Performance measurement: What’s your blue line?

It happens all the time. Leaders tell me that they want to improve the design of their performance measurement programs to ensure that strategic, financial, organizational, customer, and workforce goals are being met. So I tell them the story of the blue line.


Project management in highly technical environments: Seeing the forest through the trees

Projects in highly technical environments are often made up of individuals who have specialized skills and competencies, but this group may find their projects derailing. Explore three ways to keep projects on track in highly technical environments.


Unconventional consulting leads to unbelievable results

Here are a few examples of how we provide impact for our clients. From developing workforce strategy to predicting and building future workforce capabilities, our years of creative and strategic experience have helped clients across industries reach their potential.

Nonprofit: Video

Building a strong relationship for sustainable growth

The Alice Ferguson Foundation needed to create a long-term strategic plan to grow alongside their mission. Our team worked closely with AFF to incorporate a goal-focused plan as well as a new organizational mindset targeted at success.

Federal government: Narrative

Using data visualization and strategic planning to improve organizational performance

In the face of budgetary pressures, we aided the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Administration in restructuring their framework with a 3-year plan to better prepare for maturing programming.

Nonprofit: Narrative

Reimagining process, technology, and culture

A national museum’s legacy federal processes were limiting overall development as its program operations and presence grew. We applied private-sector best practices to increase flexibility and streamline operations.

Technology, media and entertainment: Narrative

Conducting market entry strategy + execution

We worked with an engineering and construction firm to assess its readiness and plan their entry into the fiber-optic market, a major area for growth and development, tackling key strategic questions with a targeted approach.

State and local government: Narrative

Designing a new organizational structure to accommodate rapid growth

We partnered with a large public transit authority to design a new organizational structure that ensured scalability while aligning to it’s multi-billion dollar growth strategy.

The realities of business are constantly changing. Our capabilities can help you meet today’s challenges while laying the foundation for a sustainable and flexible future.

Change management

Change drives progress

Seize transformation as an opportunity to innovate and differentiate, instead of reacting to change as it happens. We help guide your people and organization past reluctance – to powerful results.

Organizational design

Designing organizations to thrive

With a human-centered approach to organizational design, we go beyond rearranging the boxes and lines on the org chart so your organization is set up to deliver the outcomes you want.

Workforce planning

The future of work is changing fast. Is your organization ready?

Eagle Hill helps our clients align their workforce with the needs and priorities of their business. Through workforce planning, they get the right people in the right roles at the right time to power future success.

Want to hear more? Let’s talk.