What we do

Healthcare organizations face uncertainty around the Affordable Care Act. Increasing opportunities to adopt digital technologies. As well as inefficient ways of working, skills gaps in the workforce and difficulties driving adoption of new systems and processes.

At Eagle Hill Consulting, we don’t promise silver bullets. But we do listen carefully, recommend thoughtfully and work alongside our healthcare clients to solve problems and build greater capacity within their own organizations. That includes helping payers navigate changes that affect their workforce, operations and strategic visions and partnering with providers to streamline operations and execute new care models for a better patient experience.

Above all, we work with you to understand your needs—and deliver tailored, real-world solutions to meet them.

Our solutions include:

Case Studies & Insights

  • thought leadership

    The Missing Factor Sabotaging Technology Change in Healthcare: Employee Input

    Healthcare organizations are doubling down on technology amid COVID-19, but they’re not asking employees what technology they need. When less than 2 in 10 healthcare workers are asked for their input, how can organizations be sure they’re implementing the right solutions?

  • insights

    Lessons from the Theranos Toxic Culture

    Perhaps the biggest red flag for company culture issues is when fear is a driving force—either on a team or as a leadership style. Ultimately, fear results in bad decisions and hinders success.

  • insights

    5 Ways to Make a Healthcare Company Culture Better and Why it Matters

    Our survey on the state of organizational culture shows that employees recognize the tangible impact of workplace culture—and a sizable majority say it directly impacts their organization’s success.

  • insights

    Top Three Trends in Healthcare

    The constant advance of digital technologies and smart data makes direct, personalized and fast patient experience an expectation. It is time for healthcare leaders to take the same approach to their workforces.

  • case study

    Empowering a Biotech to Transform its Future Workforce

    At a global biotech company, hiring top talent is vital to deliver innovative treatments to patients around the world. Our end-to-end workforce planning solution helped diagnose how to build their future workforce, today.

  • case study

    A 20% Increase In Case Cart Accuracy Puts Clinicians’ Focus Back On Patient Experience

    By optimizing care delivery and operations for a leading regional healthcare provider, we helped reduce case cart supply errors, empower supply chain staff, and let clinicians spend more of their time on their patients—and less on case cart accuracy.

  • case study

    Strengthening Workforce Planning With Predictive Analytics

    A global drug manufacturer was growing rapidly and needed a workforce planning partner that could keep up. We developed a flexible approach that could predict position needs without losing valuable momentum as plans changed.

  • case study

    Supporting Adoption of a CRM Implementation Through Best Fit Change Management

    A large healthcare organization needed help managing a change in process. We worked closely with management to roll out the release in stages and build up their capabilities.