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Employee Health & Corporate Wellness

Rethinking wellness at work

Corporate wellness programs are a valuable tool for addressing the root causes of stress and burnout in the workplace. We can help you rethink your approach to workplace wellness and create targeted, holistic strategies that promote and sustain your employees’ health and well-being. 

Getting workplace wellness right is critical

Organizations today are faced with a new challenge: determining what their role is in employee well-being as the lines between work and home life have blurred. Even before the pandemic, many people felt the mental and physical stress of an “always on” work life—which research shows is tied to burnoutturnovers and toxic environment.

Employee wellness is a key driver of morale, productivity, quality, and overall business performance. By looking beyond well-being as an employee benefit, you can harness it as a transformative factor in delivering on your talent and business strategies

The current state of workplace wellness

Nearly 60%

of U.S. employees report that they are burnt out.

Over 1/3

of workers say their organization isn’t doing anything to help employees with burnout.

Source: Eagle Hill Consulting, 2021

Only 57%

feel their organization places a great deal of importance on health and safety in the workplace.

What we do

Building holistic wellness strategies

Employee well-being is at the heart of the employee experience. The day-to-day workplace experience greatly influences your workers’ wellness, which greatly influences the performance of your entire organization.

Our employee health and corporate wellness solutions can help you:
  • Identify and surface employee wellness issues 
  • Create a corporate wellness strategy
  • Personalize wellness programs and initiatives
  • Manage and execute workplace wellness programs
  • Plan for hybrid/adaptable work strategies
  • Strengthen the employee experience
  • Assess and support organizational culture change
  • Analyze and plan workforce capacity 

Integrating employee wellness into daily work life

Our tailored workshop provides your teams with insight into the causes and impacts of employee burnout. Then, we equip your people with strategies for maintaining and improving health, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Corporate wellness case studies

Unconventional consulting leads to unbelievable
workplace wellness results

From combating burnout to driving organizational productivity, our years of creative and strategic experience in employee wellness have helped clients across industries reach their potential.

Federal government: Narrative

Creatively improving work-life health + wellness programs

One agency needed to raise employee awareness of available support services. By working with them to craft an effective 5-year strategic plan for ongoing improvement, we helped get them on the path to a healthier workforce.

Financial services: Narrative

Improving morale and reducing high turnover

One large financial services company had a great career-mapping tool, but employee expectations weren’t aligned. We helped them close the gap by taking a transparent approach that stepped outside the box.

Federal government: Impact Statement

Addressing human capital strategy and workforce requirements

We helped one agency create their first-ever 5 year strategic plan to find new ways to attract, retain, and develop a motivated workforce—creating a winning, repeatable process for workforce planning.

Federal government: Narrative

Empowering employees to strengthen service, culture, and core values

When the number one grant-making organization in the government faced sustainability concerns, we brought employees at all levels together for collaborative solutions to increase engagement, strengthen culture, and improve retention.

Employee experience insights

Our latest research & thinking

Keep your finger on the pulse of employee experience and organizational culture trends impacting your industry with actionable insights based on our proprietary research.


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Ready to create targeted programs that reduce burnout and promote your employees’ well-being?