Culture and the Bottom Line

In partnership with , we are exploring the intersection of culture and business success. We invite you to join us, as we embark on a journey to quantify the impact of organizational culture and prove the link between culture and the bottom line. Entromy is an innovative software and analytics firm that delivers a platform powered by AI and natural language processing. Learn more at

The Findings so far

Our Workplace Culture Survey finds that culture has a significant impact on employee commitment and job performance. But too few cultures are built on the right values. In fact, over half of employees in the US report that integrity and morals are not active parts of their organization’s culture, according to our new Workplace Culture Survey.

  • Source: Eagle Hill Consulting Workplace Culture Survey 2018

  • Source: Eagle Hill Consulting Workplace Culture Survey 2018

Research hints at a strong link between culture and business success.
  • Source: Gallup Meta-Analysis Report 2016

  • Source: Great Place to Work Report

  • Source: Gallup Meta-Analysis Report 2016

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We invite you to participate in our brief survey that explores executive viewpoints on culture. In return, you will receive an exclusive report that provides insights into:

  • How high-performing organizations invest in their culture and how you stack up against your peers

  • How successful companies measure culture in order to course-correct

  • Organizational culture challenges and executive priorities across related industries

  • Cross-industry workplace culture snapshots illustrating what’s possible and what to avoid

The insights provided in our market-research will also take us a step closer to proving the link between organizational culture and the bottom line – and we hope you’ll join us on this groundbreaking journey.

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Case Studies

We’re on our own culture journey. It’s been a resounding success.

Eagle Hill works as a “living lab,” taking risks to create successes. We test and refine ideas of revolutionary business potential, then bring them forward for our clients’ benefit.

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When’s the Last Time You Thought About Culture?

Eagle Hill helps organizations find the direct line from culture to business success. We provide our clients with the tools and metrics to optimize their culture investments and make more informed decisions.