What we do

  • Stakeholder Analysis and Management
  • Training Strategy and Design
  • Change Readiness Assessment and Strategy
  • Change management implementation and monitoring
  • Communications Strategy and Planning

the route to change

What does it take for successful change to happen? The possibilities are endless when people, process and technology work together. The following steps are part of our change management approach, paving the path to a new and improved version of your organization. We can help guide your people and your organization to where they need to go on this change journey. Our approach starts with the individual and ends with lasting organizational change.


Understand where you are and define where you need to go

Route Planning

What are your goals and why?

Who will see their day-to-day change and how?

Do people understand the change?

How ready are people to change?


Identify who should be in the driver’s seat and understand how the change affects your people and processes.


Involve staff to shape strategies

Route Planning

How can leaders drive the change?

What are key messages and how will they be communicated?

What training or resources are needed?


A plan is in place to get your people on board and committed to change.


Execute plans and enable change

Route Planning

How can goals move forward under current processes?

Is change backed by leadership?

What help do drivers need to provide support?


Employees and leadership have the tools they need to understand and buy in to change.


Solicit feedback and continuously improve

Route Planning

How can employees provide feedback?

How can late arrivers get on board and engaged?

How is leadership celebrating successes and keeping track of lessons learned?


Celebrate successes and adjust your approach as needed to keep everyone on board with the change.

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