What is virtual change management?

Change is challenging in a virtual environment. There are no in-person conversations to spread change organically. Leaders cannot champion change face-to-face with employees. And it takes technology to connect and collaborate. Skillfully managing remote teams becomes paramount. Virtual change management accounts for all of these realities to engage employees in successful and sustained change. Organizations benefit because they deliver their strategic initiatives, strengthen their cultures, and realize the powerful business outcomes they need to thrive.

When work happens remotely, what needs to happen with change management?

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Why is virtual change management here to stay?

Working from home was gaining traction before COVID-19. A necessity for many during this crisis, remote work will become more common and accepted when the pandemic ends. Organizations that act now to adapt change management to virtual environments will be better positioned for the future.

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    Working from Home is a Hot Trend

    Before the pandemic, 1 in 4 employees were working from home on the average workday.

    Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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    Employees Like to Work from Home

    The vast majority (82 percent) of US workers want to work from home at least one day a week.

    Source: LinkedIn

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    COVID-19 Makes it a Necessity

    Half of US employees say their company is increasing remote work in light of COVID-19.

    Source: Eagle Hill Consulting

What makes our change management approach different?

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Change is imperative

Others see change management as a one-time box to check. We thread it through all that we do. Business success and change go and hand in hand.

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Through the lens of culture

Cultural alignment is the oxygen of change management. That’s why we immerse ourselves in our clients’ culture, keeping it top-of-mind as we work together.

change management
True collaboration

We value collaboration with the organizations we work with each day. Co-creation cultivates success, helping people understand, support, and willingly adopt change.

change management
Boldly breaking the mold

Change management has to evolve with the workplace to stay relevant. We are always innovating with a fact-based approach and an out-of-the-box style.

change management
Measurement matters

Guesswork and gut instinct only go so far. We use data-driven insights to quantify how change has taken hold, and what adjustments are needed to deliver results.

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